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Low Sodium White Fused Alumina Suppliers China

Therefore, it is not that the longer the white aluminum oxide blast media ball milling time is, the better. It has been proved that the grinding ball with size matching has higher grinding efficiency, because size matching can increase the accumulation density of the ball, thus increasing the contact area between the ball and the material, and improving the impact and grinding effect of the ball on the white aluminium oxide manufacturer material. 

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The silicon carbide companies cylinder is more efficient than the ball, because the contact of the cylinder rod is a line and the contact of the ball is a point, so the efficiency of impact and grinding is different. This is because water plays a "splitting role" in the micro cracks of particles during wet grinding, which effectively improves the grinding effect of grinding ball on powder. For example, a wedge is embedded in the cracks, silicon carbide price which is the role of oleic acid splitting.

The green carborundum material Ball: water = 1:4 ~ 5:1.3 ~ 1.9. The ball milling method can be divided into wet method and dry method. Wet method is ball milling with water or other dispersing media, dry method does not add water or other media. Dry grinding mainly depends on the impact force of grinding ball, while wet grinding mainly depends on the grinding effect of grinding ball. The efficiency of wet grinding is higher than that of brown fused aluminum oxide factory dry grinding. 

Wet grinding is suitable for white fused alumina comminuting fine particles. If dry grinding is used at the beginning of comminution and then wet grinding is used, the comminution efficiency will be higher. In order to improve the ball milling efficiency, the size of the ball should have a certain proportion, generally there are a little more big balls, the ratio of big and small balls is 5:1 to 3:1, brown fused alumina price and the amount of ball loading is about 40% ~ 50% of the cylinder volume.

In addition, in order to obtain ultra-fine powder, the new technology of black corundum intensified ball milling is adopted in the aspect of ball milling, and the amount of ball milling is 8-12 times as much as that of alumina powder. The steel ball is used as the grinding body and the water is used as the medium. Ball milling for 32-120h. The filling degree of the total material ball accounts for about three-quarters of the white aluminum oxide 220 grit cylinder volume.

For example, when the number of steel balls in the white aluminum oxide ball mill is 2, 8 and 12 times larger than that of Al2O3 powder, the surface area of Al2O3 powder is 0.28, 1.12 and 1.68m2/g after being milled for a certain time, that is to say, the milling efficiency is increased by four times and six times. After the impurities are removed by sorting, coarse crushing and brown aluminum oxide 70 grit passing the coarse sieve, they are loaded into the rotary ball mill.

When pink corundum grinding by ball milling, the calcined a-Al2O3 improves the milling efficiency and shortens the grinding time. The grinding efficiency of steel ball is higher than that of corundum ball because of the large proportion of steel ball. From the shape point of view, in order to improve the efficiency of ball milling, the brown aluminium oxide manufacturer grinding time can be reduced by dry grinding for 2 ~ 3H in vibration mill and wet grinding in ball mill.

These microcracks will extend under the impact and white corundum grinding of the ball during the ball milling, and oleic acid will also penetrate into the new cracks, so that the cracks will not be re bridged. When the particle diameter of alumina is the same after wet grinding, the pickling effect of impurities becomes worse, white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit which proves that impurities and alumina combine firmly, for example, Fe + can enter Al2O3.

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