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Low Sodium White Fused Alumina Suppliers Germany

If corundum refractory is used to make castable, it will have better effect in reducing atmosphere(white corundum). As the inner lining and furnace body of thermal equipment, it should be baked before the first use, so that the physical water and crystal water can be eliminated gradually(brown fused alumina suppliers), and sintering can be achieved to a certain extent, so that the volume and some properties can reach the stable state in use. 

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If it is not baked properly or it is put into use without baking(brown fused alumina price), it is very easy to produce serious cracks, even loose collapse, and even explosion may occur in extra large and extra thick parts. Refractory plastic is a kind of amorphous refractory material, which is composed of powder granular material, plastic clay and other binders and plasticizers, with a small amount of water added and fully mixed(brown fused alumina 60 grit). Baking system has a great influence on service life.

When the water content of the plastic is high, it is also easy to be hard due to the loss of water retention(black corundum). The properties of plastic are as follows: workability of plastic. Plastic clay is an important component of plastic. It can be made of refractory materials of various materials, and can be classified and named according to the materials(brown fused alumina factory). It is in the shape of hard mud sound and keeps high plasticity for a long time.

Because this kind of amorphous refractory is mainly used in all kinds of heating furnaces which do not directly contact with the melt, clay clinker and high alumina clinker are usually used(pink corundum). Lightweight granular materials can be used to make lightweight plastics(white fused alumina oxide mfg). Sometimes for some special requirements, silica, sintered and fused corundum, chromium, silicon carbide, zircon and carbonaceous materials can also be used.

Although the apparatus accounts for 10% ~ 25% of the total amount of plastic, it has a great influence on the binding strength of plastic and its hardener(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), on the plasticity of plastic, on the volume stability and fire resistance of plastic and its hardener. In a certain sense, it can be considered that the properties and quantity of clay determine the properties of plastic(buy brown fused alumina). The strength of hot state decreases with the increase of temperature.

It is generally required that the plastic should have high plasticity, and still have certain plasticity after long-term storage(white fused alumina). In order to make the plasticity of the plastic not significantly reduced in its shelf life, the hydraulic binder should not be used. If pneumatic bond is used, sealing measures must also be taken during storage(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). However, as some of the binders may still gradually coagulate, the plasticity will be gradually lost.

In order to keep the plasticity of plastic unchanged in the long-term storage process, the retarding measures must be taken. Harden and strength of plastic(white aluminum oxide). Ordinary plastic is hard. Because there is no chemical bond, the strength before sintering is very low, but at a certain temperature, the strength increases with the increase of temperature(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). After high temperature sintering, the cold strength increases greatly.

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