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Low Sodium White Fused Alumina Suppliers Thailand

Russia uses unburned refractory material as lining on the 1033m blast furnace tap hole(white corundum). The mix proportion is: Refractory clay 25%, walnut coke 25%, waste magnesia spinel brick 40%, asphalt 10%, in addition, appropriate pulp waste liquid. First, the unburned bricks are made of the above proportioned materials and laid on the non working layer of the iron ditch(white aluminum oxide 120 grit), and then the working layer of the iron ditch is made of the materials.

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The service life of this kind of iron making village can reach 40 days, but the L working floor should be repaired every 2-3 days(brown fused alumina price). When the quick hard mud is used as the lining of the blast furnace tap hole, the effect is good. Due to the expansion of pyrophyllite at high temperature, this material can counteract the partial contraction of ramming material(brown fused alumina grit), 8.15 days and 10.37 days, so as to maintain the stability of village volume.

The binder is asphalt and clay, and the base material is carbonaceous material(black corundum). On this basis, three kinds of refractory ramming materials are prepared by adding coke, silicon carbide, alumina slag and coke (the ratio of the two is 311). They are used in the main iron ditch of 10 commercial furnaces(black silicon carbide suppliers), with an average annual life of 4.20 days, respectively The utility model has the advantages of high service life and convenient removal.

In Germany, the lining of small and medium blast furnaces is usually made of silicon carbide, and its service life is 1 ~ 2 times longer than that of silicon carbide(pink corundum). The proportion of the slurry is: 78% of Liling soil sand, 5% of pulverized coal, 14% of tar, 3% of phenolic resin, and 12% ~ 40% of hexamethylenetetramine, the hardener can promote the residual amine contained in tar to participate in the reaction, so as to improve the solidity of the slurry(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh).

Generally, SICC corundum mullite ramming material with chemical combination is used, and sometimes silicon chloride is added to enhance the oxidation resistance and wear resistance(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). After heating at 1450 ℃ and holding for 2 hours, the compressive strength and tear down strength are 14.28mpa and 2.04mpa respectively, and the open porosity is 25.4%, fused alumina, which basically meets the production requirements(black silicon carbide factory).

Therefore, the working condition of the lining of the tapping ditch is poor and its service life is short(white fused alumina). In recent years, the mix proportion of fire-resistant ramming materials used in the lining of blast furnace runner in France is 20% ~ 60% of pyrophyllite 0 ~ 8mm, 5% ~ 30% of silicon carbide 0 ~ 1mm(brown aluminum oxide blast media), 6% ~ 20% of plastic clay less than 0.5mm, 5% ~ 25% of quartz 3 ~ 5mm, 5% ~ 15% of solid asphalt less than 0.5mm, and 7% of water.

The general chemical composition of the material is: Al2O3, 62.6%, SiO2, 6.06%, Fe2O3, 5.5%, sin, 5.5%, SiC, 13.22%, c8.08%, loss on ignition 2.66%(white aluminum oxide). There are many large blast furnaces in Japan, which are operated at high temperature and high pressure(brown fused alumina for grinding). Therefore, tar or resin, sintered alumina, silicon carbide, carbonaceous material and clay are generally selected as the materials for the iron trench to prepare the refractory ramming material.

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