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When the relative dissolution rate reaches 100%, only Al2O3 in the form of Na2O · Al2O3 · 1.7sio2 · nH2O exists in red mud, and its a / S is 1(white aluminum oxide). When the content of silicon in ore is low and the content of iron is high, iron can be used as internal standard (that is, all iron in ore is transferred into red mud). The actual dissolution rate can be calculated by the change rate of relative content of aluminum and iron before and after ore dissolution(white aluminum oxide 220 grit).

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When the dissolution of alumina is not complete, the A / s of red mud will be greater than 1(white corundum), and the relationship between the dissolution rate and the aluminum silicon ratio of ore and red mud is as follows: E.K. Lippincott et al. Also found that there are al (OH), Al (OH) 3, [(HO) 3-al-o-al (OH) 5] 2 - (or written as [a] 3-al-o-al (OH) 5] 2 - (or written as L2O3 (OH) 6] 2) ions exist mainly in the form of Al (OH) 3(silicon carbide companies), the solubility of boehmite is higher than that of diaspore.(low sodium white fused alumina wholesale israel)

Red mud is sometimes used as a basis for comparison(brown fused alumina price). Waters et al. Believe that there is an OH bridged polyanion (Raman spectrum, corresponding to 380cm1 peak) in the sodium aluminate solution in the range of pH 8.4-12.5, and the Al atom in the structure has octahedral configuration(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Watling summarizes the previous research results, and believes that aluminate ions have both tetrahedral and octahedral configurations, and aluminum atoms are connected by an Al Oh bridge.

(low sodium white fused alumina wholesale israel)In fact, the above formula takes silicon as the internal standard, that is, the amount of silicon before and after dissolution does not change(black corundum). The octahedral aluminum atoms in gibbsite are connected by one 0h bridge, and the transition from aluminate ion to gibbsite crystal includes the transition from tetrahedral to octahedral aluminum ions during homogeneous nucleation in supersaturated solution(green carborundum), so only small bauxite deposits can be formed.

The dissolution rate is calculated by the change of the relative content of aluminum and silicon before and after ore dissolution(pink corundum). It should be pointed out that under the same temperature (above 200 ℃) and low alkali concentration. Qihewen type deposits are all composed of transported bauxite minerals, which are deposited on the surface of aluminosilicate rocks(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Their formation process needs many favorable conditions for deposition and retention.(low sodium white fused alumina wholesale israel)

However, the A / S ratio alone can not fully explain the level of Na2O (loss), because the SiO2 in some ores is inactive in the dissolution conditions(white fused alumina), and this part of SiO2 does not participate in the reaction, so it can not cause the loss of Na2O. In addition, due to different dissolution conditions, the loss of Na2O may not be the same when the A / S phase of ore is the same(silicon carbide price), because different dissolution conditions will cause the change of phase composition in red mud.

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