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The production practice of some pre-cultivation tanks shows that after the electrolysis tank is started, with the evolution of various technical conditions, it can only be established and perfected in the third month of furnace inspection(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). Therefore, the natural formation of furnace particles is slow, and the technical requirements during the formation process are strict(aluminum oxide). 

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However, the furnace fly formed in this way has higher thermal stability, which is suitable for the central groove without edge processing(brown fused alumina for abrasive). It can maintain the requirement of stable planting plastic inner shape. Production of soft connectors: Prepare enough soft connectors according to the number of anode groups(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Repeat the above steps until all anode particle laying and pole hanging operations of electrolytic inspection are completed(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). 

If the knot speed is too fast(white aluminum oxide blast media), it is prone to uneven growth of the Buddha's legs, forming a local protrusion or deviation (large on one side and small on the other). Therefore, the voltage management curve should also correspond to the furnace brain formation process(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). The purpose is to make use of the long-term gentle decline of temperature to improve the quality of products and establish a solid and stable furnace inspection(brown fused alumina manufacturers).

The technical conditions of the electrolytic cell with this type of planting face are fixed, the electrolysis measures are easy to manage, and the current efficiency is high(aluminum oxide supplier). The furnace cavity cannot be built for a long time, so that the side lining is immersed in the liquid electrolyte for a long time, which will seriously erode the inner village of the side and affect the life of the electrolytic cell(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). The electrolytic refining is completed and ready for start-up(white fused alumina suppliers).

In order to avoid the occurrence of bribery pellets(abrasive blasting grit), the method of increasing the effect coefficient is adopted in the first month when the pellets are formed to standardize the formation of the protective cavity, because the anode effect can generate high heat between the anode and the anode in a short time(aluminum oxide sandblasting sand), which can effectively Melting the bottom of the furnace and the local protruding parts of the sides and legs to ensure uniform and regular inspection(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers).

A few days ago, the method used to build furnace pellets on the side was used for reference(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). After the new tank was started, the electrolyte block was manually injected into the side and the side was tied with a crane to quickly form the furnace face(garnet abrasive suppliers). Although this method can make the furnace particles form faster and easy to be regular, the thermal stability of the furnace formed in this way is extremely poor and it is easy to melt.

To solve this problem, in addition to formulating relevant countermeasures, the operating conditions need to be improved(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). At the same time, use the daily pre shift meeting to remind operators to minimize unsafe factors(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). Check whether the ventilation pipe and sandblasting machine door are sealed. Five minutes before work, the ventilation and dust removal equipment must be started(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). When the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, the sand blasting machine is prohibited to work.

Building and protecting appearance quality test(green silicon carbide), record and file, check the insulation condition of each part of the picture (resistance greater than Q5MQ)h multi-function unit, crane and air compression system test to ensure that it meets production requirements(china aluminum oxide sandblasting). With the gradual improvement of the furnace inspection, the molecular batch should also be gradually reduced, moving closer to the normal production period(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers).

During the installation of furnaces(white aluminium oxide powder), there are differences in the amount and method of chloride salt (for example, some enterprises use electrolyte blocks, while others do not use them(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). Some enterprises use calcium and magnesium chloride when installing furnaces, while some enterprises are Need not). Diverter fabrication(aluminum oxide suppliers usa): make the diverter according to the selected diverter mode (see installation of diverter for details).

Preparation of test instruments and tools(how to choose white fused alumina): 1 wind bag (with 5 ducts), sufficient amount of shunts (for making shunts); 1 set of aluminum frame or bar frame or 2 straight steel bars of 012~18mm (used for Coking grains, the diameter is determined according to the thickness of your drawing layer), 2 aluminum alloy rulers or pallets (for laying coke grains); 2 thermocouple protection sleeves(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). The installation of soft coupling is simple in some factories, and the soft coupling is not used(vietnam aluminum oxide).

At present(black silicon carbide), there are 1 set of measuring tools for cathode and anode current distribution, 4 pairs of insulating plates at short junctions, 2 hands reporting, N sets of small box fixtures (n-number of anode groups), 6 iron hungry, 2 sweeping, sufficient effect rods and others (such as record books)(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Material preparation: prepare a large amount of oxide salts such as anode, coke particles, cryolite, soda ash and calcium oxide(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers).

Even for the same groove type and capacity(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), there are great differences in material consumption(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). Generally, in the first three days after startup, it is required to take measures to reduce the temperature faster, so as to form a thin layer of electrolyte tank side on the inner wall around the tank as soon as possible(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). First protect the edge lining, and then slow down the decline of tank temperature appropriately. is mainly controlled by voltage.  

The excess coke particles around the anode are cleaned out in China(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). Check whether the anode guide bar and the large bus bar are tightly attached (the clearance should not exceed AMM), check whether the anode is ready to be fed (whether the anode bottom palms of 2/3 are pressed on the coke pad), and if the requirements do not meet the requirements, adjust the anode position until the requirements are met(aluminium oxide blast media).

After the electrolytic cell is electrified and melted for 0 ~ 70 hours, the cell voltage gradually decreases from about 4V (impulse voltage is about 6V) to about 2V(white fused alumina for refractory). Coke particle laying and anode hanging: adjust the height of anode bus (park the anode bus at the lowest limit or 0-60mm above it), blow the dust on the upper part of the tank and the fixed position of the tank, and lay coke particles(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). Control of electrolytic temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers).

In order to improve the thermal stability of the established furnace particles, the following points must be paid attention to(wholesale brown fused alumina): in the first month of startup, the electrolyte component with high molecular ratio must be used, because the electrolyte with low molecular ratio has low primary crystal temperature, the thermal stability of the furnace cavity is poor, and it is very easy to melt and damage the furnace face(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers).

The cathode surface temperature also gradually burns from cold state to about 950 ℃(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers). Conduct comprehensive inspection and acceptance according to the design drawings and technical requirements(sandblasting abrasive), and check the bus circuit (including whether the contact surface between anode bus and aluminum guide rod is flat and smooth, whether the installation position of short circuit piece is not damaged(china brown fused alumina manufacturers), and whether the cathode steel bar is welded well).

If the soft coupler is not used(aluminum oxide blast media canada), screw the small box fixture by hand after the anode is placed, and adjust the tightness of the fixture to ensure that not only the coke particles can be compacted by the anode self weight, but also the guide rod can be in good contact with the anode bus (the gap at the contact is less than LMM(aluminium oxide powder), and the anode guide rod should be in the middle of the hook and not in contact with the hook)(niche fused alumina wholesale suppliers).

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