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Pink Alumina Wholesale Suppliers In Germany

pink aluminium oxide is very suitable for grinding, precision polishing, grinding, rolling grinding or sand spraying of color display glass shell, as well as making high-grade refractory materials and precision casting shell materials. brown aluminum oxide is suitable for processing carbon steel , alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard green steel and semiconductor materials, consolidation abrasives.

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Brown corundum powder is made of brown corundum raw materials by steam flow, grinding, sorting, chemical pickling and washing. Brown corundum powder has the characteristics of uniform, accurate particle size composition and high-definition cleanliness. black aluminium oxide powder is light brown, high toughness, can bear large pressure, strong crushing resistance. It is a high-grade grinding material commonly used in China. 

(pink alumina wholesale suppliers in germany)Brown corundum can produce all kinds of medical grinding wheel. brown fused alumina as abrasive has moderate hardness, high stacking density, no free silica, high ratio and good toughness. It is the most ideal environment-friendly sandblasting material to select glass beads supplier as sandblasting material, which is widely used in aluminum profile, copper profile glass, precision mould for washing jeans and other fields.

black aluminum oxide is also used in the fields of kinescope, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lens, watch glass, crystal glass, jade and so on. Granular abrasive is used as the bottom medium of filter bed to purify drinking water or waste water. It is a new type of water filter material at home and abroad, silicon carbide price especially suitable for non-ferrous metal beneficiation and oil drilling mud weighting agent.(pink alumina wholesale suppliers in germany)

fused alumina is a new, environmental protection and safe cutting method, which uses abrasive as cutting medium and high-pressure hydraulic jet as basic cutting. It is applied to cutting oil pipeline, steel and other parts. Physical grinding of black oxide aluminum, the grinding particles are irregular rhombus shape, with both thickness and fineness. After just polishing, the coarse scratches disappear, with bright effect.

(pink alumina wholesale suppliers in germany)The running pattern of brown aluminium oxide polishing ball produces optical rotation. Brown corundum abrasive have the particle cross-section type and edge retention with proper color, good hardness and toughness, which are applied to resin abrasives with ideal effect. green carborundum delay breaking and polishing technology, the abrasives are round like glass beads, which will not cause secondary grinding scratches.

At the same time, the paint surface temperature is low. When the arc fused alumina polishing wool ball is running at a high speed and the abrasives produce a certain temperature, the abrasive particles will be broken instantly to form finer particles, white fused alumina suppliers which can effectively polish the fine deep layer. This polishing technology not only ensures the effect, but also maximally eliminates the polishing effect on the paint surface hurt.

(pink alumina wholesale suppliers in germany)The brown fused aluminum oxide is brown, in which the content of Al2O3 is generally 94.5% ~ 97%. The effect of deoxidizing scratches is quite good. The harmful impurity is the solid solution of three carbonized four aluminum, brown fused aluminium oxide which can reduce the strength and even differentiate because of its easy hydration. Filter medium is a new application field of abrasive. 

The main white aluminium oxide impurities are titanium dioxide and ferric oxide, as well as a small amount of sodium oxide, calcium oxide, and magnesium oxide. Most of these impurities generate the corresponding aluminum salt, silicon carbide companies which is then crystallized or condensed into the glass phase with low melting point. Under the sun light, there are obvious fine scratches with excessive oiliness.(pink alumina wholesale suppliers in germany)

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