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Pink Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers In China

Wear problem: any grinding wheel brown fused alumina price has certain wear requirements. If the wear condition reaches a certain degree, a new grinding wheel must be replaced. In order to save materials, it is not allowed to use them in excess of wear requirements, which is a very unsafe violation. Generally, when the silicon carbide price grinding wheel is worn to a diameter 10 mm larger than the chuck diameter, a new grinding wheel shall be replaced.

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Validity problem: it is not necessarily qualified to bring new 60 grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel out of the warehouse, or even to buy new grinding wheel from the manufacturer. Any grinding wheel has a certain period of validity. According to the regulations, "the grinding wheel shall be used within the validity period, and the resin rubber bonded aluminum oxide abrasive grinding wheel shall be subject to rotation test after being stored for one year, and can only be used if it is qualified.".(pink aluminium oxide manufacturers in china)

It is absolutely not allowed to share one grinder at the same time. Environmental problems: generally, a special white fused alumina grinding wheel machine room shall be set up for the grinding wheel machine, and it is strictly prohibited to stack inflammable and explosive materials in the grinding wheel machine room or near the grinding wheel machine to avoid fire or explosion accidents, and other parts and articles shall not be placed around the green carborundum grinding wheel machine.

(pink aluminium oxide manufacturers in china)Management problem: the white alumina grinder shall be in the charge of a specially assigned person. Any non unit personnel who want to grind objects on the grinder shall obtain the permission of the full-time person in charge and strictly abide by the safety operation regulations. It is strictly prohibited to use the grinder without the consent of the person in charge. In addition, the replacement of corundum abrasive grinding wheel shall also be in the charge of a specially assigned person.

Shutdown problem: the operator shall shut down the vehicle immediately after stopping work. It is forbidden to idle the white aluminum oxide grinder when it is not used or managed. In addition, keep the shortwave turbine clean after use. The surface quality of the workpiece is closely related to its service performance. The silicon carbide companies service performance of the workpiece is the design requirement on the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the machine.(pink aluminium oxide manufacturers in china)

The greater the plasticity of the workpiece material, the more serious the cold hardening phenomenon. Common black corundum operation problem: in actual daily operation, there are also such situations. Some people rush for production tasks and work time, and two people share a grinder to operate at the same time. This kind of serious illegal operation behavior should be strictly prohibited. When one grinder is not enough, it can be solved by adding a alumina abrasive grinder.

(pink aluminium oxide manufacturers in china)It is forbidden to replace or install the brown aluminium oxide grinding wheel without permission. Texture problem: in the use process, if cracks are found on the grinding wheel, the use shall be stopped immediately, and a new grinding wheel shall be replaced, so as to avoid personal injury caused by grinding wheel breakage. If it is used within the period of validity, it is qualified; if it is used beyond the period of aluminum oxide grit validity, it is not necessarily qualified. 

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