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Pink Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Price Canada

The real hardness of polishing powder is related to the aluminium oxide blasting material. For example, the hardness of ceria is about 7 of Mohs hardness. All kinds of ceria are similar. However, different ceria bodies give people different hardness. The reason for rare earth polishing powder is that chrome corundum ceria polishing powder is usually agglomerate.

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The basic requirements of polishing powder: the brown fused alumina particle size of the powder is uniform and within the allowable range; it has high purity and does not contain mechanical impurities; it has good dispersion and adsorption to ensure the uniformity and efficiency of the processing process; it can be appropriately added with lbd-1 dispersant to improve the suspension rate; the black corundum powder particle has a certain lattice shape, forming sharp corners when it is broken to improve the polishing efficiency.

(pink aluminium oxide wholesale price canada)The common rare earth glass polishing powder is mainly cerium rich oxide. The brown fused aluminum oxide attached picture is an electron microscope picture of a polishing powder agglomerate. Due to the different firing temperature, the strength of the aggregate is also different, so the hardness will be different when using. it has appropriate Hardness and density, good wettability and suspension with water, because white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit polishing powder needs to be mixed with water

Of course, the brown aluminum oxide grinding rate and wear resistance of some polishing powders with hard materials such as alumina will be improved. The polishing powder has the advantages of fast polishing speed, high finish and long service life. Compared with the traditional polishing powder iron red powder, it does not pollute the environment and is easy to remove the adherent. It takes 30-60 minutes to polish the lens with black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media ceria polishing powder in one minute.(pink aluminium oxide wholesale price canada)

Therefore, rare earth polishing powder has the advantages of small amount, fast polishing speed and high polishing efficiency. It can also change the white aluminium oxide polishing quality and operating environment. Ceria is a very effective polishing compound because it can polish glass by chemical decomposition and mechanical friction at the same time. Rare earth cerium polishing powder is widely used in the white fused aluminum oxide polishing of camera, camera lens, TV picture tube, glasses, etc.

(pink aluminium oxide wholesale price canada)Polishing powder has better chemical and physical properties, so it has been widely used in the brown aluminium oxide polishing of industrial products, such as various optical glass devices, television picture tubes, optical glasses, oscilloscope tubes, flat glass, semiconductor chips and metal precision products. People's demand for high abrasives, high-quality abrasives and refractories has increased, which promotes people's urgent demand for aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit with the characteristics of hardness and durability.

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