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Bulk density and brown fused aluminum oxide are often confused, but it is not confusing to really understand the concepts of bulk density and bulk density. First, let's look at the concepts of bulk density and bulk density: Bulk density refers to the mass per unit volume of a silicon carbide abrasive material when it contains a solid volume, openings, and closed pores, and is called the bulk density of the material.

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In building materials, the ratio of mass to volume of a material is called white aluminium oxide density. Under different structural states, it can be divided into true density, apparent density and bulk density, and apparent density is divided into bulk density and apparent density according to its open pores. Generally speaking, the density we call is the bulk density, which is also called the specific gravity. Bulk density is the mass per unit volume of dust or green silicon carbide powder that is freely filled in a container.

(pink fused alumina manufacturers hungary)So how to calculate the bulk density of white fused alumina? What is the weight per cubic meter? Let's continue: The common method for calculating bulk density is presumably everyone will be the mass per unit volume of corundum / unit volume of corundum, take each cubic meter The density of silicon carbide is the mass of 1 cubic meter of silicon carbide / 1 cubic meter, and the volume density of general aluminum oxide abrasive is 3.20 ~ 3.25g / cm3.

Calculating the bulk density requires a fixed container. Fill the container with black aluminum oxide powder, measure the weight after filling, and then use the weight of the corundum / container volume. The result is the bulk density of corundum. Long-term contact with customers found that many customers do not know how many tons of one cubic meter of black silicon carbide and how many cubic meters of one ton of emery, so today will briefly introduce its conversion method:

(pink fused alumina manufacturers hungary)The degree of high-temperature calcination determines the density of the white aluminum oxide. The dumping furnace has a long calcination time and a uniform calcined diamond density of 3.95 ~ 4.0. The fixed furnace diamond density is between 3.8 ~ 3.9. The greater the density of corundum, the fewer the voids in the sand body, the better the compactness, and the higher its strength. The quality of aluminum oxide grit can be judged by measuring its weight.

How many tons is one cubic meter of pink aluminum oxide, and how many cubic meters does one ton of corundum? Explain here: the density of first-grade corundum is 3.9, the bulk density is 2.5, that is, one cubic meter can hold 2.5 tons of corundum, and one ton of diamond is 0.4 cubic meter. The density of the second-level corundum is 3.6, and the bulk density is 2.3, that is, one cubic meter can hold 2.3 tons of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit, and one ton of corundum can hold 0.42 cubic meters.(pink fused alumina manufacturers hungary)

Today we will take brown aluminium oxide as an example to talk about the bulk density and bulk density of corundum. Bulk density is divided into loose bulk density and tapped bulk density. Corundum, also known as brown corundum, is made of bauxite, iron filings, and carbon materials after high temperature reduction. The third-grade corundum has a density of 3.5 and a bulk density of 2.2, that is, one cubic meter can hold 2.2 tons of white fused aluminum oxide, and one ton of emery can hold 0.45 cubic meters.

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