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Pink Fused Alumina Suppliers In China

The granulating process of corundum abrasives is to break the qualified corundum block into particle shape, and separate the iron mixed in the abrasives according to a certain size range into different sizes at the same time, so as to meet the needs of making various abrasives and different grinding requirements. At present, the processing equipment of common aluminum oxide abrasive mainly adopts ore dressing and crushing equipment.

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Compared with other raw materials or ore crushing, abrasive processing has the following characteristics: Generally, the compressive strength of brown fused alumina is less than 10000pa, but the compressive strength of silicon carbide companies abrasives is more than 73000pa, which is hard to be broken. In terms of the particle size of finished 100 grit aluminum oxide white products, the requirements of the concentrator are not very strict.(pink fused alumina suppliers in china)

Generally, it only needs to be smaller than a certain particle size, but the brown aluminum oxide processing is very strict with the particle size of the final product. According to the abrasive standard, the abrasive with the size range of 0.5-5.6mm is divided into 4 × 240 × 27 particle sizes; the aluminum oxide grit abrasive with the size of 0.5-635m is divided into 14 particle sizes. Each particle size has strict particle size composition requirements.(pink fused alumina suppliers in china)

The shape of abrasive particles requires more edges and corners. According to different purposes, the brown fused alumina price abrasive particles are required to be made into an isomorphic or needle like shape. However, the processing of other materials does not have this requirement. The above characteristics of brown fused alumina manufacturer should be taken into account when the processing technology and equipment of corundum abrasive are formulated.

There are two processes for white aluminium oxide abrasive processing: dry process and wet process. All abrasive factories in China adopt dry processing technology. At present, the development of white corundum market can predict the future development trend. Many small enterprises have white corundum dump furnaces with transformer power lower than 4200 KVA, and white corundum dump furnaces with transformer power lower than 3200 kVA.

(pink fused alumina suppliers in china)Without reform and transformation, they will face the investigation of the environmental protection department, or even the situation of shutdown. Now, there are many black aluminum oxide production enterprises in some areas. It has initially possessed the necessary foundation for the white fused alumina manufacturer implementation of comprehensive transformation and upgrading. Ordinary ores or materials are generally easy to be broken. 

The industry has stopped using the silicon carbide price dump furnace with transformer power lower than 4200kva and the white corundum dump furnace with transformer power lower than 3200kVA, which has become the main processing enterprise from a one-stop production and processing enterprise, while the high-power white corundum production enterprise has become a professional production enterprise and is not processing, which makes the black fused alumina industry further centralized and large-scale.

After years of development, especially the rapid development in the past ten years, the overall strength and comprehensive nature of the green carborundum industry have been significantly enhanced. As long as the manufacturers continue to develop the overall performance of the white corundum, it is assumed that the future development of the white fused alumina suppliers will be sustainable.(pink fused alumina suppliers in china)

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