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In the corrosive solution(fused alumina), on the one hand, the corrosive agent reacts with the surface of the part, and the corrosion processing is carried out in the direction of multiplying the surface of the part, that is, the depth direction. This layer of high hardness oxide layer will make the subsequent machining difficult(brown corundum abrasive). This method refers to the processing method of removing a layer of material from the whole surface of the parts uniformly.

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At the same time, the corrosive agent also reacts with the metal under the edge of the anti-corrosion layer(black aluminum oxide), so that the corrosion processing is carried out along the horizontal direction under the edge of the anti-corrosion layer. At the same time, this method does not need to carry on the anti-corrosion treatment to the parts, only need to immerse the parts in the corrosion solution after cleaning treatment(white aluminum oxide powder), until the corrosion reaches the required thickness.

(pink fused aluminum oxide manufacturers china)For those parts with large amount of etching, the method of "first fast and then slow" can be used(white aluminium oxide). The so-called "first fast and then slow" is to use the etching solution with faster etching speed to etch once. When the etching depth is close to the design value, the etching solution with slower etching speed is used for precision etching(aluminium oxide suppliers). Although this increases the process, it shortens the processing time and ensures the etching accuracy and surface gloss.

Let's take a look at the corrosion process of the image and text edge of the corrosion protection layer(brown fused aluminum oxide): in order to obtain a method to reduce the quality of metal parts and more strictly control the deviation value of the part quality. The faster the etching speed is, the greater the amount of metal etched in unit time, the higher the heat production, and the faster the temperature change of corrosion solution(steel shot abrasive), which is not conducive to the constant etching speed.

Only according to the etching time required to remove the metal, the whole part can be simply immersed in the corrosion solution to receive comprehensive corrosion(brown fused alumina). As for the general etching time of 80% ~ 90%, the total etching time can be determined according to the requirements(glass bead abrasive). Another etching method used to reduce the quality of parts is to use a selective etching method on some parts of the part surface.(pink fused aluminum oxide manufacturers china)

The main applications in this area are focused on the aviation dog industry or the weight reduction of racing car shell(brown aluminum oxide). After forming treatment and heat treatment, there will be a layer of oxidation layer with high hardness on the surface of the alloy(garnet abrasive price). At this time, the whole chemical corrosion method can be used to remove the high hardness surface layer of the blank and then carry out the mechanical processing.

(pink fused aluminum oxide manufacturers china)The biggest characteristic of the whole chemical corrosion is that when the parts are in the process of corrosion processing, all sides of the corroded parts will be corroded at the same time(brown aluminium oxide), and there is no cutting force problem in the chemical corrosion, so there will not be any stress deformation, and there will be no residual stress inside the parts(glass beads manufacturers), it is found that the chemical corrosion method can meet this requirement.

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