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Pink Fused Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Suppliers UK

Anti corrosion technology is through photochemical phase formation technology(glass bead abrasive), screen printing technology, graphic electroplating technology, laser lithography technology and etching anti-corrosion layer technology, the selected text is copied to the surface of metal parts to be etched, forming a layer of corrosion-resistant layer, which is commonly called anti-corrosion layer(brown fused alumina grit). At the same time, ink can be used in a wide range.

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According to the methods used, the transfer can be divided into direct transfer and indirect transfer(white fused alumina). This process can also be called the process of transferring pictures and texts. This method can also be used for the fabrication of simple structure chemical etching and forming chemical etching(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). It is a kind of printing method that uses screen to make printing plate, and forms two parts: picture and text and plate mold.(pink fused aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers uk)

Direct image and text transfer refers to a method to transfer the required picture and text to the surface of metal parts through photochemical phase formation technology or screen printing technology(garnet abrasive price). Screen is the most basic material in screen printing(brown aluminum oxide blast media). Screen is not only the support and carrier of printing transfer graphic version, but also the screen mesh can let ink pass smoothly to get the desired graphic effect.

(pink fused aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers uk)This method is suitable for the transfer of picture and text on the plane or cylinder which can be directly sensitized or screen printed(brown fused aluminum oxide). In terms of its category, it belongs to filter plate printing. Indirect graphic transfer refers to the transfer of graphics and texts to a flexible carrier through photochemical phase formation technology or screen printing technology(brown fused alumina for grinding), and then the images and texts are transferred to the surface of parts through this carrier.

This method is widely used in the etching of irregular pattern(white aluminium oxide). Pad printing is also a kind of indirect transfer of text and text. When the batch is large, it can also be transferred through pad printing, which is a very suitable and efficient transfer method(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). The anti-corrosion technology of screen printing is to obtain the required anti-corrosion protective layer by screen printing, and then etch the pictures and texts with chemical etching solution.(pink fused aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers uk)

Due to its low equipment investment(black aluminum oxide), low processing cost and high production efficiency, screen printing technology is widely used in the production of anti-corrosion layer of metal graphics and text. In this section, the material properties, selection, screen making and screen printing methods of this technology are discussed in detail(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). The strength of the wire can be measured by changing the drawing speed.

(pink fused aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers uk)The plate mold part prevents the printing material from passing through(glass beads manufacturers), and the picture and text part squeezes and squeezes on the printing plate through a scraper, so that the printing material passes through the picture and text screen and is missed on the substrate. This method is suitable for spherical surfaces that cannot or are difficult to be directly sensitized or screen printed(steel shot abrasive), or other parts with complex surface shapes.

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