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Refractory Grade Alumina Wholesale Suppliers Russia

It can be said that mutual solid solution metals and the same type of lattice structure metals are easy to form friction pairs with poor wear resistance(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The lamellar pearlite structure is better than granular pearlite structure, and bainite is better than martensite structure(green silicon carbide powder). The transition load increases with temperature. The adhesion of single-phase alloy is greater than that of multiphase alloy.

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Since the actual surface of the object is rough and uneven from the microscopic point of view(aluminum oxide grit), the contact between the two solid surfaces is actually only the contact between the asperities on the surface. As far as the adhesive wear mechanism is concerned, the ideal adhesive wear material surface should be soft(steel grid), the sub surface layer should be hard, and there should be a smooth transition zone below.(refractory grade alumina wholesale suppliers russia)

According to the requirements of adhesive wear(aluminum oxide abrasive), it is expected that the surface layer of the electrode has good lubrication, the subsurface layer has a good supporting function, the large yield strength and the smooth transition zone can prevent the occurrence of lamellar spalling(carborundum grit suppliers). The influence of hardness on wear resistance is very important and complex, for example, 2n at room temperature and 60N at 350 ℃.

(refractory grade alumina wholesale suppliers russia)For the hardness requirement of adhesive wear(white fused alumina), the surface contact stress (Hertz stress) should not be greater than 1 / 3 of the material hardness, otherwise the wear will increase rapidly. When the over wave load is exceeded, the metal to metal contact surface expands and the wear increases(black silicon carbide powder). Lecaster did this by sliding a 60 / 40 yellow steel pin on a hard steel ring and heating the friction pair in a furnace.

When two asperities are in contact with each other, due to the adhesion and subsequent sliding of the contact points(white aluminum oxide), it is inevitable to cause instantaneous temperature rise. In the first stage of wear, the contact resistance is close to a constant, but the friction force increases slightly(garnet suppliers). At present, the instantaneous temperature of measuring contact has not been solved. Running in stage is also called running in stage.(refractory grade alumina wholesale suppliers russia)

The flash of these temperatures is instantaneous, and the duration is about 10 * s(silicon carbide abrasive). friction releases heat to make the top of the micro convex body reach high temperature, which will cause hardening, softening, phase transformation and even melting of the local area of the surface(garnet abrasive). However, the temperature of the main body of the part is still very low. Increasing the load or speed will increase the temperature of the joint.

(refractory grade alumina wholesale suppliers russia)At the same time, the friction and wear increase, the continuity of microstructure and the uniformity of properties are unfavorable to the wear resistance(green silicon carbide). This shows that the hardness of brass pin decreases with the increase of temperature, and the wear rate is inversely proportional to this mechanical property(emery abrasive), that is, it increases(running in wear). The adhesion of single crystal is greater than that of polycrystal.

When the temperature increases, the wear rate of the pin also increases(black silicon carbide). When a certain temperature is reached, the wear rate reaches the maximum value, and the specific temperature is related to the size of the applied load. The results show that the wear rate of yellow steel decreases when the load exceeds the maximum value(synthetic corundum), and the wear rate curve when the circumferential velocity of the ring surface is 1.3cm/s.

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