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Refractory Grade Black Silicon Carbide Factory Germany

In foreign countries, they are called lost foam process (USA) and policast process (Italy), etc(brown fused aluminum oxide). Lost foam casting combines the "magnetic mold casting" and "V casting". In 1956, American H.F.Shoyer began the experiment of casting polystyrene foam for casting(garnet suppliers). In 1958, it was published in the form of patent, which was called "cavity free casting", and the alloy liquid pattern replacement process occurs.

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After being dipped and coated with fire-resistant adhesive coating (for strengthening and polishing), it is embedded in special sand box for dry sand modeling(white aluminium oxide). After three-dimensional or two-dimensional micro vibration and vacuum compaction, gray cast iron and nodular iron have also increased rapidly since 1997 and reached 15% in 2009(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The history of lost foam casting in China is basically similar to that in other countries.

(refractory grade black silicon carbide factory germany)Some aspects, such as StMMA foam, have reached or reached the level of foreign technology and have some originality(garnet abrasive). China's lost foam casting technology has also been promoted by the state. The proportion of production castings in the casting industry is increasing continuously(brown fused alumina for sale). At first, this method was only used to make metal hard image and art castings. Unlike the traditional cavity casting, it is a filling process of liquid alloy liquid.

The lost foam industry has a certain scale, and has become an important part of the casting industry(black corundum). But generally speaking, compared with the traditional sand casting, a large number of castings have been produced The lost foam casting has the following process characteristics(white fused alumina abrasives). In 1999, a survey conducted by the University of Wisconsin in the United States showed that 6% of aluminum alloy castings used this process in 1990.(refractory grade black silicon carbide factory germany)

There are many different methods of EPC(green silicon carbide), which are mainly called dry sand mold casting and negative pressure full mold casting in China, referred to as EPC casting. After years of practice and exploration, the original Federal Republic of Germany introduced a patent from the United States in 1962, and the lost foam casting method was gradually developed(steel grid), and was applied and promoted in industry.

(refractory grade black silicon carbide factory germany)The size, size and size of the foam are retained in the mold, forming a "solid mold" instead of the "cavity" mold (i.e. the empty type) of the traditional sand mold(pink corundum). The whole process maintains a certain negative pressure, which makes the pattern decomposed by heating and then replaced by liquid alloy(80 grit aluminum oxide). The lost foam casting has become one of the most widely used high-tech technologies to transform the traditional foundry manufacturers.

The sand mold is dry quartz sand without binder, moisture and any additives, or forsterite mold sand, chrome sand, magnesia and pearl sand are selected according to the type of alloy(silicon carbide abrasive). When pouring, the foam pattern is continuously decomposed, cracked and vaporized under the action of high temperature liquid alloy(100 grit aluminum oxide media). There is still a gap between the application level of EPC and that of developed countries.(refractory grade black silicon carbide factory germany)

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