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Silicon Carbide 180 Grit Manufacturers Germany

Materials made of cast iron can be lowered by 150 ~ 200 ℃(black corundum). The wider the trolley, the better the heat shield. After installing the heat insulation sheet, the thermal stress caused by the temperature difference can be reduced, and at the same time, the temperature can be reduced, so that the trolley can be made of cheap materials(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Therefore, the calculation of the calculation of the life of the sintering machine is very important.

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To overcome this shortcoming, some new sinter plants use roller distributors instead of reflectors(pink corundum). The reflecting plate is located in the lower part of the cylinder feeder, and its inclination angle is 47 ° ~ 52 °. At present, in many countries in the world, the material cards for calculating bars are cast iron, cast steel, chromium-nickel alloy and other materials(steel grid). Clothing refers to the operation process after the mixture is unloaded from the secondary mixer and spread out before the trolley. 

Whether the cloth is evenly distributed has a great impact on the output and quality of the sintering machine(white fused alumina). Generally, the particle size, moisture and chemical composition of the mixture are required to be evenly distributed along the width of the trolley; the material is distributed along the width and length of the sintering machine(green silicon carbide). Layer thickness needs to be consistent to maintain uniform breathability and quality of the mix.

There are three types of cloth generally used: one is a round roller feeder with a reflective plate; the other is a shuttle-type feeder with a round roller feeder and a roller-type feeder; and is used by some small factories(white aluminum oxide). Flow trough and round roller feeder. Its function is to roll the material given by the cylindrical feeder to the trolley through the inclined surface of the reflecting plate, and to a certain extent, it plays the role of cloth(glass bead blasting media suppliers).

Because the temperature of the material is high, the reflective plate often hangs the material, sometimes it “stacks” when it is too much, which causes the material layer to be uneven and often needs manual cleaning(white corundum). There are three types of roller distributors: five rollers, seven rollers, and nine rollers(black silicon carbide). The diameter of the roller is 108mm, the rotation speed of the roller is 2.03 ~ 8.13r / min, and the installation angle of the roller distributor is 55 °.

Production practice proves that the roller distributor operates reliably(brown fused alumina price). However, the roller spreader does not have a natural segregation bottoming effect like the reflective plate, so the use of a roller spreader even more highlights the problem of bottoming(garnet abrasive). With the reciprocating movement of the trolley, the belt feeder on the trolley can evenly feed the mixture into the mini-mine tank along the length of the mine tank.

The shuttle feeder is essentially a feeding belt conveyor with a trolley(white alumina). The purpose of thorium ignition is to ignite the coal or coke powder in the mixture, provide heat to the material layer, and continue to burn by the effect of exhaust air. Due to the different fuels used in production, the structure of the igniter is also different. Gas and liquid fuel igniters are basically the same(garnet suppliers). It is a combustion chamber made of refractory bricks or stamped with heat-resistant concrete.

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