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Silicon Carbide 180 Grit Manufacturers South Korea

As we all know, special green silicon carbide refractories is a new type of refractory developed on the basis of traditional ceramics and refractories, also known as high-temperature ceramics. Ceramics are named after the process, and products that are usually produced by processes such as milling, molding, and sintering are called ceramics. It can also be said that special refractories are black silicon carbide refractory products made by ceramic production technology.

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The white aluminum oxide grit products obtained by the powder system undoubtedly belong to the category of special refractory materials. Some literature divides it into high-temperature oxide materials of special refractory materials. Special corundum refractory materials are one of the oldest varieties of high-temperature oxide materials. In terms of output and use, glass bead abrasive products rank first in special refractories. Pickling is performed in an acid-resistant container.

Among all white corundum refractories, it is also the earliest to start the production of special corundum products. It can be seen that special corundum refractories play an important role in the field of refractories. As mentioned in the previous section, grinding alumina with steel balls and cylinders will grind iron impurities. Because of the high hardness of a-Al2O3, the grinding efficiency of porcelain balls is generally low, garnet abrasive price which accelerates with increasing temperature.

The mud should have good suspension and fluidity. The mud needs to be pickled to remove iron and other impurities,brown fused alumina price  which is called purification. Without affecting the quality of pickling, the quality of hydrochloric acid is as small as possible to save hydrochloric acid and reduce the amount of waste acid wastewater treatment. But the actual situation is not enough to add the amount of glass beads manufacturers hydrochloric acid to remove iron.

At first, the slurry was gray. If corundum balls and white fused alumina brick-lined mills are used to grind alumina, as long as the purity of the corundum of the ball and barrel linings is high, the ground alumina material will not be affected, and there is no pickling problem. Small-scale production and laboratories are easy to do. Large-scale production still uses steel balls and steel cylinders to pulverize pink corundum with high efficiency and large output.

After white alumina standing, part of the iron was hydrated to form Fe (OH) 3. At this time, the slurry was yellow. So it brings the problem of purification and pickling. The so-called pickling treatment is simply adding industrial hydrochloric acid to the ground material, so that it and the iron in the material form soluble iron chloride (FeCl), glass beads supplier and then repeatedly washing it with purified water seven or eight times, or even Ten times, and get pure alumina slurry.

The amount of white aluminum oxide manganese acid can be calculated by the reaction formula (the amount of iron can be obtained by the amount of steel ball wear or the weight gain of the material). The original fine alumina particles will adsorb HCl and generate acidic aluminum chloride [(Al2O3H)]. As the temperature increases, the adsorption decreases, while the acidic black corundum chloride It can also be gradually transformed into AlCl3.

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