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The formed associative ion pairs have the following forms: Nat + Al (OH) 3 = Na + Al (OH) anNa ++ [Al (OH) 4]-= Nag * [Al (OH) 4] ~ This association(240 grit aluminum oxide). The ion pair is very strong and is an outer spherical complex, which is formed only in a high alkali aluminate solution, and is accompanied by an endothermic effect(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Therefore, increasing the concentration is beneficial to the formation of an associative ion pair.

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When two differently charged ions in the solution are close to each other to a certain critical distance so that the coulomb attraction energy between them is greater than the thermal motion, they form a new unit of association(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). In short, regarding the structure of the aluminate anion, although there are many disputes, it can be considered that: in the medium concentration sodium aluminate solution(white fused alumina for refractory), the aluminate ion exists in the form of Al (OH) 3.

When in a dilute solution and at a lower temperature, it exists as a hydrated ion [Al (OH)] (H2O)(white fused alumina); in a more concentrated solution or at a higher temperature, Al (OH) 3 ion dehydration occurs to form [ Al2O (OH) 6] 2-dimer ion, below 150 ℃, these two types of ions can exist at the same time(46 grit aluminum oxide); sodium aluminate solution is an associative electrolyte solution, according to more recent research results, it is easily dispersed in water by Al2O3. 

When the gum arabic is 1.0% ~ 1.5%(white aluminum oxide), the viscosity of the mud is the smallest and the fluidity is very good.When pickling in production, in order to quickly settle Al2O3 particles in the slurry and improve the stability and fluidity of the Al2O3 slurry during pouring, a small amount of organic colloids are often added(1200 grit aluminum oxide). It can be seen from the figure that when the amount of gum arabic is 0.21% ~ 0.23%, the viscosity of the mud is the largest and it is easy to agglomerate. 

Therefore, 0.21% ~ 0.23% acacia gum is added during acid pickling to promote rapid sedimentation of Al2O3 particles(white corundum), and 1.0% ~ 1.5% acacia gum is added during pouring to improve the fluidity and stability of the slurry. The general qualitative explanation of the effect of organic colloids on mud is that organic polymers are curved linear molecules with different sizes(100 grit aluminum oxide media). Sodium aluminate solution is also an associative electrolyte.

Plutonium particles stick to it and cause sedimentation due to weight gain(glass bead abrasive). However, when the amount of addition continues to increase, the linear molecules of the organic colloid form a network structure in the aqueous solution, causing Al2O3 particles to adhere to certain links of the linear molecules(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), but instead preventing the mutual attraction and sedimentation of Al203 particles, which improves the stability of the mud.

When the amount of organic colloids added is insufficient and such a network structure has not yet been formed, this stabilizing effect cannot be achieved(steel shot abrasive). After adding a small amount of this organic polymer to an aqueous solution (arabin gum, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, etc.). There are a large number of associative ion pairs, and the higher the concentration, the more favorable the formation of associative ion pairs(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media).

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