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Silicon Carbide 180 Grit Wholesale Suppliers Japan

Therefore, it is an ideal refractory material for the development of blast furnace linings, which is worthy of popularization and application in blast furnaces(white alumina). Erosive and erosion resistant refractory(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). Because the cost of aluminum silicate refractory brick is only one third of that of carbon brick, it can also meet the production requirements, and it can also save construction investment.

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According to the results of surveys of more than 500 blast furnaces in various countries around the world, approximately 23% of blast furnaces used silicon carbide refractories(black corundum). For example, out of 394 blast furnaces in Europe and the United States, 147 have tried out silicon carbide bricks, and some furnaces use up to 8001, with an average usage of 300 ~ 4001(white aluminum oxide grit); it has been verified that this structure makes the furnace safe and reliable.

Another layer of stone climbing bricks is laid near the air-cooled place of the furnace bottom(white fused alumina). In summary, the production practice of blast furnaces at home and abroad has proved that the use of silicon carbide bricks as linings in the lower part of the blast furnace body can help extend the furnace age and improve thermal efficiency(steel grid). Because the silicon carbide material does not react with the slag, there is no nodulation.

To this end, self-bonded silicon carbide bricks were used for trials and satisfactory results were obtained(pink corundum). The temperature in the furnace waist area is high (1400 ~ 1600 ℃), and a large amount of slag is formed, and the slag corrosion is serious(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh); the scour effect of the alkali metal and dust-containing hot gas on the lining of the furnace and the friction of the materials are intensified, it is far from adapting. 

Therefore, in general, the furnace waist plays a role in buffering the rising gas flow(white aluminum oxide). The Alfred Steel Plant of Hogowon Iron and Steel Company of the Netherlands uses semi-graphite bricks on the waist of No. 7 blast furnace with a capacity of 3662m, and the middle of the furnace is built with self-bonded silicon carbide bricks(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The furnace was built in December 1972. The production line was put into operation every month.

By 1975, the furnace lining had been completely damaged(green silicon carbide). The production was maintained until May 1976, and its iron output was 6.8 million tons. In recent years, they have been replaced by silicon carbide refractory bricks and silicon carbide tuyeres with excellent alkali resistance and higher strength(garnet suppliers). Combination brick. In the past, clay bricks and high alumina bricks were used for the blast furnace in China's blast furnace.

During the middle repair, graphite bricks were used to build the furnace belly village, and the furnace lining was spray repaired(white corundum). It was put into production in July 1976. By April 1978, the total iron output was 10.2 million tons, but production continued(garnet abrasive). In short, the practice of blast furnaces at home and abroad shows that in the hearth of the furnace, the clay ventilating bricks or sillimanite refractory bricks are often used in the tuyere area.

However, with the development of large-scale blast furnaces and high-strength refining(brown fused alumina price). Therefore, some blast furnaces also use SiN-SiC bricks at the furnace waist. For example, the first and second generations of No. 11 blast furnace in Anshan Iron and Steel have built silicon carbide bricks at the furnace waist(black silicon carbide). The effect is obvious. If necessary, SiN-SiC bricks can be used in the blast furnace waist of 1000m or more.

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