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Silicon Carbide Abrasive Grit Manufacturers Belarus

The elongation is also a very important property of the substrate(pink aluminum oxide). If the coated abrasive tool extends under the action of external force, the abrasive particles will fall off and lose the grinding ability. If the belt is manufactured, it cannot be used because of too much elongation beyond the adjustable range of the grinder(glass beads supplier). In addition to these four points, we should also pay attention to the wide supply of goods and the low price.

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Only when the surface of the substrate is smooth, the sand can be evenly coated and the substrate is too rough to produce high-quality coated abrasives(white fused alumina). Especially for the manufacture of fine-grained coated abrasives, the surface flatness is more important. There are five main types of substrates for Coated Abrasives: paper, cloth, steel paper, cloth paper composite matrix and non-woven fabric(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). In addition to flexibility, it should also be flexible when abrasive grain size is fine and when grinding by hand.

The paper used to make coated abrasives is made of very strong and tough fibers(white aluminum oxide). Norzon abrasive belt produced by Norton company of the United States uses this matrix. It is mainly used for making large-scale high-speed heavy load belt, processing plywood and fiberboard, and its durability is much higher than that of paper-based products(green carborundum). Thick paper is generally used for coarse-grained products and thin paper is used for fine-grained flexible products.

It has attracted the attention of all countries in the world(white corundum). According to different needs, it can be made into varieties of different quality, weight, thickness and width. Cloth is the most widely used one of the five matrixes, with good softness and high strength. According to different objects of use, it can be made into varieties of different fibers, different thicknesses, tissues and densities(arc fused alumina). The types of fibers can be cotton, hemp, synthetic fiber and man-made fiber, etc.

The surface of the substrate must be flat(brown fused aluminum oxide). In the 1960s, the United States first successfully trial produced nylon based belt, named microlon belt, which is 40 times more efficient than the general belt. In the 1970s, polyester fiber matrix appeared again. It has better tensile strength and lower elongation. When making water resistant products, it does not need to carry out water resistance treatment(black oxide aluminum). It is suitable for manufacturing high-efficiency abrasive belt with heavy load.

Cotton cloth is the most widely used, but with the development of industry, the application of synthetic fiber will gradually expand. Steel paper(white aluminium oxide), that is, vulcanized fiber matrix, is a very strong matrix made of multi-layer fiber rolling. The composite matrix combines the advantages of cloth and paper, with high strength and minimal extension deformation(silicon carbide companies). Paper is the cheaper one of the five substrates, and the substrate treatment is relatively simple.

It uses plant fiber as raw material to make base paper, and then uses zinc chloride solution to treat it, so that the fibers expand and bond with each other(black aluminum oxide). It can be made into any thickness. The thickness of steel paper used in sand pan is generally 0.4-1.5mm. It has the advantages of high tensile strength, small elongation, smooth surface and good heat resistance(fused alumina). The abrasives made of it can withstand particularly high mechanical load.

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