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The results show that with the increase of b4o content, the melting loss index increases(green carborundum). Because b4o exists on the grain boundary of periclase, the fire resistance of the grain boundary decreases, and more silicate minerals with low melting point are formed, which promotes the loss of periclase to the slag(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). It can also be used as an alternative product of MgO Cao brick for some converter furnaces.

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In addition, due to the existence of B2O3, the reaction between MgO and C is promoted, the structure of brick is deteriorated, and the loss of brick is accelerated(brown fused alumina). When using the raw materials of flake stone that meet certain technical requirements to make bricks, the corrosion resistance, peeling resistance(arc fused alumina), high temperature strength and oxidation resistance of the products will be comprehensively improved.

With the infiltration of slag, MgO containing silicates formed by Ca and SiO2 dissolve in the slag(brown aluminum oxide). When there are many silicates on the grain boundary, the infiltration speed of slag to the grain boundary is large. Thus, the speed of periclase crystal group of magnesia particles to be differentiated into a single crystal is fast, thus accelerating the damage of MgO-C brick(silicon carbide grit). Therefore, it is necessary to adopt high pressure forming.

The ratio of MgO / msio2 in magnesia impurity also has great influence on the high temperature performance of MgO-C brick(brown aluminium oxide). If the ratio of MgO / msio2 is too low, CMS, C3Ms and other low melting point magnesium silicate will appear in the system and enter into the liquid phase, thus increasing the liquid phase quantity(silicon carbide companies); if the ratio of mcio / msio2 is greater than 2, CS high temperature phase will be formed.

Therefore, it is necessary that the ratio of MgO / msio2 is larger than 2(brown fused alumina price). High ratio of MgO / msio2 is beneficial to the stability of the coexistence of magnesia and stone at high temperature. To sum up, in order to produce high quality and high strength magnesia carbon brick(steel grid), it is necessary to select magnesia with high purity (MgO content as high as possible), CA / Si02 ≥ 2, good crystal development and porosity ≤ 3%.

For high-purity magnesia with high MgO content and less Cao and SiO2(white alumina), the change of MgO / msio2 will cause the change of phase composition: for example, if the ratio of MgO / msio2 is small, the high-temperature performance and high-temperature strength of the product will be reduced(glass beads supplier). Therefore, large grain diameter, bulk density ≥ 3.34g/cm, the graphite content of MgO-C brick is generally in the range of 10% ~ 20%.

Because of its high bulk density, low porosity, small number of grain boundaries and small area of grain boundaries(black corundum), it is difficult for the slag to be immersed along the grain surface. Most of the magnesia particles melt into the slag slowly from the interface between the surface of the magnesia grain and the slag(fused alumina), which slows down the loss rate of the magnesia carbon brick and reduces the loss rate of the brick.

Impurities such as MgO and SiO2 mainly exist on the grain boundary of periclase(pink corundum). As one of the main raw materials of MgO-C brick, the main characteristics of flake graphite, such as fixed carbon content, ash composition, oxidation resistance, particle size, shape, volatile matter and moisture, directly affect the performance and use effect of MgO-C brick, and the liquid phase quantity is less(black oxide aluminum). 

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