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Recently, the heat insulation protection of the upper part and the vault of the hot blast furnace has been strengthened(green carborundum). The bricklaying of the spherical furnace top needs special type bricks. There are too many types of bricks and the cost of inconvenient manufacturing and storage is high(arc fused alumina). However, there are too few types of bricks and the amount of bricklaying processing is too large, which makes the construction difficult.

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Manholes are designed for inspection, ash cleaning and repair(white fused alumina). For large and medium blast furnace hot blast furnaces, two manholes are arranged above the regenerator of the vault part at 120 ° for inspection of the upper surface of lattice bricks. In order to clean the combustion chamber, a manhole shall be set at the lower part of the combustion chamber(fused alumina). The thickness of the partition wall between the combustion chamber and the regenerator is generally 575mm or 460mm.

There is no seam between the two layers of brickwork, so as to avoid damage caused by uneven heating, and it is convenient for replacement during maintenance(white aluminum oxide). The partition wall and the vault can't be completely built and contradict each other. There should be 200 ~ 250mm expansion joint left(black oxide aluminum). In order to make the air distribution uniform, the partition wall should be 400 ~ 700mm higher than the lattice brick of the regenerator, resulting in high temperature creep.

In the lower part of the partition wall, the temperature difference between the two sides is very large (suitable for 1000C), and the difference of thermal expansion is also very large, which makes the partition wall masonry constantly produce bending and cracks(white corundum). When the refractory material is not suitable for high temperature, it will cause the combustion chamber to tilt towards the checker brick, and then make the upper brick checker brick Serious disorder(silicon carbide companies).

The middle of the partition wall is provided with heat insulation bricks, so that the partition wall and the large wall are evenly deformed(brown fused alumina price). In the combustion and air supply, under the effect of temperature and pressure changes, eventually lead to burn through, forming a "short path", and then burn out the furnace operators and pillars(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The shape, size and arrangement of lattice bricks used in blast furnace hot blast stove are different, so are the heat transfer efficiency.

In order to clean the ash, two manholes are also set under the regenerator(white alumina). The upper part of the partition wall, because the combustion chamber is biased on one side of the hot blast furnace, the partition wall on one side of the checker brick is heated on both sides, while the combustion chamber wall on the side of the big wall of the hot blast furnace is heated on only one side(garnet suppliers), so the brick temperature of the former is higher than that of the latter. 

There are expansion joints (or sliding joints) between the combustion chamber and the partition wall of the regenerator, which are separated from each other(black corundum). When the partition wall expands, it is independent of each other and can slide freely. Therefore, the slip joint is also an expansion joint filled with compressible refractory fiber(garnet abrasive). In addition, a layer of heat-resistant steel plate is added at the cold end of the thermal insulation brick to prevent short circuit.

When arranging, the cracks will continue to expand, it is necessary to avoid the furnace operator pillar and the lower openings(pink corundum). In the center of the vault is a special furnace top cover brick with a small hole of 480mm for inserting thermocouples. The regenerator is the most important part of the hot blast stove. Its working quality has a great influence on the air temperature(glass beads supplier). The United States, Japan, Germany, China and other countries generally use honeycomb lattice brick.

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