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In addition to alumina, bauxite also contains various impurities such as SiO2, Fe2O3, TiO2, and Ca0. Based on world 100 grit aluminum oxide media bauxite production (130-150 million tons / year), the static guarantee period is more than 200 years. In 2002, the world's proven bauxite reserves were about 25 billion tons, and the reserve basis was about 34 billion tons. With the continuous expansion of metal brown aluminum oxide sandblasting consumption, the amount of bauxite mining has also increased.

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The bauxite resources in the world are abundant and the degree of resource guarantee is high. The 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media reserves of Guinea and Australia account for about half of the world's reserves, and Brazil, Jamaica, Guyana, and Suriname of South America account for about a quarter of the world's reserves. Vietnam has reserves of 4-5 billion tons, white aluminum oxide grit and India has 2.4 billion tons. In 1990, world bauxite output was 111.85 million tons.

In 2001, the bauxite output of the above four countries accounted for about 70% of white fused alumina global output. China's bauxite resources have the following characteristics. Reserves are concentrated in areas rich in coal or hydropower, which is conducive to development and utilization. Shanxi, Guizhou, Henan, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have the highest reserves, brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh accounting for 85.5% of the country's total reserves.

Europe Bayer method uses boehmite type bauxite as white aluminum oxide raw material. These four regions have rich coal and hydropower resources, and have favorable conditions for the development of the aluminum industry. The boehmite type bauxite has an absolute advantage. Of the proven bauxite reserves, the bauxite-type bauxite reserves account for 98.46% of the country's total reserves, white fused alumina for refractory and the gibbsite-type reserves account for only 1.54%. 

The type of ore deposit is mainly sedimentary, and the proportion of pit-mined reserves is large. Among the white corundum proven reserves, karst deposits account for 92.25% of the national reserves, Qihven deposits are 6.21%, and laterite deposits account for 1.54%. Of these reserves, 45.49% of the country's total reserves are suitable for pit mining, fully open mining reserves are 24.32%, aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit and 29.79% are suitable for combined open mining and pit mining.

Most of the right-type bauxite that is hard to sell has the outstanding characteristics of high steel grid, high silicon, and low iron, and the ratio of aluminum to silicon is low. According to statistics, the amount of ore with a tin-silicon ratio greater than 9 accounts for 18.6% of the volume of bauxite, 25.4% of the amount of ore between 6-9, 48.6% of the amount of ore from 4-6, 46 grit aluminum oxide and less than 4 7.4%. In addition, according to recent reports, Vietnam and India also have rich bauxite resources.

Dissolution is carried out at high temperature and high alkali concentration. The concentration of 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media is generally above 200g / L, the dissolution temperature reaches 170 ° C, and the residence time is about 2 ~ 4h. Al (OH) 3 is Al2O3 after burning. Characteristics of soda lime sintering method: suitable for low A / S ore, A / S 3 ~ 6; complex process, high energy consumption and high cost; 1200 grit aluminum oxide product quality is lower than Bayer method.

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