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At normal temperature, these substances can not only produce temporary bonding strength of brick, but also prevent the pulverization of dolomite raw material particles(pink corundum); at high temperature, they can form carbon bond bonding of refractory raw material particles, improve the high temperature performance of brick, and at the same time(white alumina powder), carbon is not easy to be wetted by slag, which can reduce the corrosion rate of furnace lining.

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In the manufacture of converter lining brick, carbon is usually added by binder or impregnation method, or a proper amount of flake graphite is added(brown fused alumina). This is because there is much residual carbon in the brick, so it is difficult for the slag to wet the brick lining. At the same time, it can form a better dense MgO layer, which can prevent the erosion of the slag(arc fused alumina). At this time, the damage of furnace lining brick is mainly erosion, and less structural peeling.

For dolomite brick, with carbon material, the Fe in the slag does not react with Ca, but is reduced to Fe, and absorbed in the solid melt of mafite(brown aluminum oxide). For asphalt soaked alkaline brick, the carbon is evenly distributed in all the small pores of the brick matrix, and the volume density and carbon content are improved, reducing the high temperature performance(green carborundum), so that the high temperature strength is not only improved, but also the slag resistance is greatly improved High.

In order to increase the bulk density of converter lining brick, high-purity raw materials should be used and sintered at high temperature(brown aluminium oxide). For the melting layer of the tar dolomite brick, in the early stage of smelting process, the slag is acidic, the content of SiO2, Fe, ALC and Mn etc. is increased significantly, and they react with dolomite, making the brick melt(fused alumina). For tar magnesia brick, the main minerals in the melting layer are periclase, SiO2 and a small amount of 2MgO · SiO2.

With the increase of basicity in the slag, the viscosity increases, and the chemical reaction and penetration slows down(brown fused alumina price). Because mg is more stable than Cao, the formation of melting layer is slower, and the melting is deeper in the brick, and it accumulates and reacts between the decarburization layer and the melting layer(glass beads supplier), resulting in the contraction of brick structure and cracking. With the increase of residual carbon, the erosion depth of furnace lining by slag decreases.

At the same time, due to the wetting effect of carbon in the brick, the decarburization layer forms faster, the corrosion rate slows down, and the lining life prolongs(white alumina). When the raw materials can not reach the required density, according to the lattice activation theory, the two-step calcination method can be used to produce high-density raw materials(silicon carbide companies), so as to improve the volume density and other properties of converter bricks, increase the steel output and reduce the cost.

The commonly used binders are coal tar pitch, petroleum pitch, paraffin and resin, etc(black corundum). Under the same conditions, the damage of bricks is different with different varieties. Therefore, at present, the comprehensive lining is widely used in oxygen converter, that is, according to the use conditions of the lining in each part of the converter, the most suitable converter brick is selected for masonry(black oxide aluminum), so as to make each part evenly eroded, prolong the life of the lining.

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