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The addition of black corundum micronized powder has the following effects: The changes of indicators such as the strength, porosity, density and linear change rate of the sample after firing are shown in the figure. In the sample with rAl2O3 micropowder, the edges of the aggregate and the matrix are blurred, the combination is better, and the porosity is less. Due to the short grinding time, it is mainly rolling and there is almost no collision, so the black silicon carbide mixed impurities are slight. 

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It can be seen from the figure that the addition of pink corundum micropowder can obviously promote the sintering of the product. Among them, the micropowder with a particle size of 1 to 5um is most effective in promoting sintering. Compared with the sample without micropowder, its strength is almost It is 10 times larger and the porosity is reduced by 12%. For 2um glass bead abrasive emblem powder, the most suitable addition amount should be between 15% and 20%.

It can also be seen from the microstructure that a-Al2O3 fine powder can promote the sintering of white fused alumina products. The sample without micropowder has a clear outline between the aggregate and the matrix, and a clear boundary, and no effective combination has yet been formed. The pores are all through pores, and some of the pores are arranged along the edge of the particles, which belongs to the initial stage of sintering, glass beads manufacturers and the requirement is not greater than 1mm.

First, the gap filling reduces pores, but the amount of addition must not be too large, otherwise the white aluminum oxide product will not be dense enough due to the small packing density and close packing. The second is that the fine powder is distributed on the edge of the particle, and its surface activity and particle mobility enable it to combine with the particle at a lower temperature, so that the closed part penetrates the pores, densifies the product, garnet abrasive price and increases the strength.

The reason is that hydrates are formed on the surface of the active Al2O3 when the white corundum particle size of the fine powder is larger than 5um. The hydrates decompose during sintering, and the gas escape will damage the compact structure of the product. From the point of its low density value, the formation of steel shot abrasive hydrates also hinders the compactness of the green body, and even reducing the amount of addition has no effect. So for a-Al2O3.

Otherwise, it will not only promote sintering, but it will hinder sintering. The green silicon carbide sanding cylinder body and the bottom bracket are made of steel, but the inner lining and the turntable are made of plastic or rubber. However, due to the lack of impact during work, the feed should not be too thick. The cylinder and the stirrer are preferably covered with a wear-resistant plastic such as polyurethane or rubber to reduce the mixing of brown fused alumina price into the abrasive.

However, this effect is only apparent when the white alumina particle size of the fine powder is less than 5um. When crushing coarse materials, the impact effect in the initial stage of crushing is very effective. Heavier and larger balls are expected. In the later stage of grinding, the grinding effect is dominant, and the smaller ball effect is very good. There are two factors that affect the vibration mill. In addition to wet grinding powder, white alumina powder dry grinding can also be used.

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