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The main features of the third generation cooling wall are: a short refractory support boss and a spiral tube base are added to prevent the front tube from failure(green carborundum). At the same time, the corner water pipe and back serpentine pipe are added, and the refractory cast in the cooling wall is changed to SiC(steel grid). The fourth generation extended the diagonal ribs from ab line to AC line by 200 mm and cast them in place with refractory.

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It is the main cooling component of most blast furnaces(white fused alumina). In Baopin No.3 BF, except that the four cooling staves in the upper part of the bosh, the waist and the lower part of the body are made by Nippon Steel, the other 14 cooling staves are designed and manufactured by Baosteel(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The upper foundation of the furnace body is damaged due to the abrasion of the furnace charge and the temperature fluctuation during charging.

The 18 cooling staves from the bottom of the furnace to the throat adopt different structural types according to the working conditions and technological requirements of different areas: the bottom and hearth are built with carbon bricks with good thermal conductivity(white aluminum oxide), so the cooling design of this part. The new horizontal cooling wall, iron port cooling wall and tuyere cooling wall with high cooling and qiangkang are adopted(garnet suppliers).

The third generation cooling stave of Nippon Steel is adopted because of the high heat load, large temperature fluctuation(white corundum), severe thermal shock and severe alkali metal erosion in the bosh, waist and middle and lower part of the furnace body, which is the most brutal area of working conditions(garnet abrasive); the third and fourth generation cooling stave with boss is adopted in the middle and lower part of the furnace body.

Therefore, it is attached great importance to by ironmaking workers and becomes one of the main contents of people's research(brown fused alumina price). Cooling water tank is also called cooling plate. It is a cooler embedded in the brick lining of blast furnace. The material of cooling water tank is mainly cast iron(glass beads supplier). Previously, it was mostly cast in bronze (cu96% ~ 98%) to form internal waterways to cast water pipes, as well as cavities and partitions.

There are also cast steel and steel plate welded(white alumina). The cooling water tank is generally made of HT15-33. The horizontal thickness is 75-110mm.  Although the staggered arrangement method is adopted, the insertion density should not be too high to avoid affecting the strength of the furnace shell(black oxide aluminum). Therefore, the hot air enclosure pipe, the cooling wall is also used in the upper part of the furnace body.

The inner cast steel pipe has a diameter of 44.5mm and a wall thickness of 6mm(black corundum). The distance between the installation and the working surface of the brick village in the furnace is 230mm at the upper part of the furnace shaft and 345mm at the lower part of the furnace shaft(fused alumina). The tuyere device is used to send the hot air out of the hot blast furnace through the hot air main pipe, and then through it to the blast furnace.

The cooling water tank has a packing layer above and below to allow the expansion of the brick lining(pink corundum). The cooler has high cooling strength, so it can maintain a thick brick lining. It is inserted into the brick lining, so the contact surface of the rented brick is large, the cooling effect is good, and it can also support the masonry(arc fused alumina). Its water way is mostly closed type. The cooling water tank is fixed on the furnace shell.

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