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Silicon Carbide Abrasive Grit Wholesale Price Belgium

UF resin is a kind of amino resin(white alumina). The urea formaldehyde polycondensate was obtained in 1896. It was used as adhesive in industry after 1929. Due to its wide source of raw materials, simple manufacturing process, low cost and convenient use, urea formaldehyde resin is generally superior to animal glue in adhesive strength, water resistance, moisture resistance and mildew resistance(arc fused alumina), so its dosage is increasing day by day.

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Urea formaldehyde resin is also widely used as matrix treatment agent and binder in the coating abrasives industry(white fused alumina). Abrasives with this kind of binder are widely used in wood processing, the reaction is slow: in the acid medium, such as sanding of particleboard, plywood and fine polishing of wood furniture(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). As a binder, urea formaldehyde resin is mainly the initial condensate formed by the reaction condensation of urea and formaldehyde in acid medium.

Of course, this structure is greatly simplified, without considering the possible ether structure or the existence of free hydroxymethyl(black corundum). In the process of forming urea formaldehyde resin, there are many factors that affect the quality(green carborundum). There are five factors that determine the reaction rate and the type of molecular structure of the polymer: the mole ratio of urea to formaldehyde; the pH value of the reaction medium; the reaction temperature(fused alumina).

The molar ratio of urea to formaldehyde will affect the structure of the product, the water resistance of the resin and the content of free formaldehyde(white aluminum oxide). The amount of formaldehyde is less, the formation of monohydroxymethylurea is more. The reaction time is related to the polymerization degree and properties of the resin(white aluminum oxide grit). On this basis, and the adhesive quality is reduced, water-soluble phenolic resin is quickly applied to the manufacture of coated abrasives.

Generally, the temperature should be controlled at 70 ~ 100 ℃(pink corundum). With the increase of formaldehyde, the amount of dihydroxymethylurea will increase. As the molecular number of formaldehyde increases, the content of free hydroxymethyl increases, the water resistance of resin decreases, the content of free formaldehyde in resin also increases, and the curing time of resin also shortens(black oxide aluminum). Therefore, it is very important to control the mole ratio of urea and formaldehyde.

In the wood processing industry, it is one of the largest binders(white corundum). The pH value of reaction medium not only affects the formation of different products, but also affects the reaction speed. Generally speaking, in the alkaline medium, especially when the pH value is low, the reaction is intense and difficult to control. The increase of reaction temperature will accelerate the reaction(silicon carbide companies). Therefore, the temperature should not be too high, but also too low.

The production process of international aldehyde resin is simple(brown fused alumina price). The process is as follows: time is too short, reaction is incomplete, solid content is low, viscosity is small, free aldehyde content is high, and bond strength is low. On the contrary, the time is too long, the degree of polymerization is high, the viscosity is too large, the water solubility is poor(glass beads supplier), the storage time is shortened, the reaction time and the quality of raw materials.

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