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The reducing agent can greatly increase the amount of sulfur entering the solution (90%) than the oxidizing agent, and it can increase the iron concentration in the aluminate solution by 4-7 times(silicon carbide companies). The corrosion mechanism of aluminum is as follows: sodium sulfide reacts with iron to form a soluble thio complex, which improves the solubility of iron(100 grit aluminum oxide media), destroys the passivation film on the surface of the steel, and transforms it into an activated state.

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The North Ural bauxite (sulfur content 1.24%) was dissolved with a synthetic solution containing no sulfur and a Na2O concentration of 150 to 300 g / L(black corundum). Up to 85% ~ 90%; dissolve at 260 ℃ for 1h, the Na2O concentration of the solution is 210 ~ 240g / L, the sulfur conversion rate is reduced to 75%(green carborundum), and the bauxite is dissolved with a Na concentration of 300g / L solution at 235 ℃ The effect is the same for 72h, making its heat transfer coefficient.

When processing bauxite with high sulfide content, it is these two forms of sulfur that make up the majority(white fused alumina). When the sulphide-containing circulating mother liquor is used to dissolve the North Ural bauxite at high temperature, the conversion rate of sulfur is also very high, reaching 50% to 80%(arc fused alumina), but it is significantly lower than the conversion when the sulfur-free synthetic solution is dissolved under the same conditions. rate. 

Pyrite begins to decompose in sodium aluminate solution at 160 ℃, and the decomposition rate increases with increasing temperature(white aluminum oxide). For different Na2 concentration solutions, the difference is as follows: sulfur in the bauxite not only causes loss of Na2, but also increases the S content in the solution(fused alumina), which will cause corrosion of the steel, increase the iron content in the solution, and reduce the dissolution rate of A12O3.

The sulfur conversion efficiency of bauxite in 280 to 300 ° C was within 5 to 10 minutes(white corundum). The biggest adverse effect of sodium sulfate in the Bayer process solution is that it is precipitated with double salt sodium alumite Na2CO3 · 2Na2SO under appropriate conditions. This double salt scars in the mother liquid evaporator and dissolver(black oxide aluminum). It is well known that 80% ~ 90% of sulfur in bauxite exists in the state of iron sulfide, mainly pyrite.

The reaction of colloidal pyrite, pyrrhotite and aluminate solution is more active than pyrite(brown fused alumina price). Iron disulfide is first decomposed into sodium disulfide (Na2S2). At high temperature, sodium disulfide is unstable in aluminate solution. It decomposes into sodium sulfide and sodium thiosulfate(glass beads supplier). Sodium sulfide is relatively easily oxidized to sodium thiosulfate (even under the action of weak oxidants such as oxygen in the air).

The sulfur in the solution is mainly in the state of sulfide and disulfide(white alumina). Only under the action of strong oxidants, sodium thiosulfate can continue to be oxidized to sodium sulfite, and sodium sulfite is easily oxidized to sodium sulfate(pink corundum). If the content of sulfur in the king mine exceeds 0.7% ~ 0.8%, the alumina grade can be reduced due to iron pollution, and the steel equipment in the evaporation and decomposition process is damaged due to severe corrosion.

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