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At present, the furnace bottom life has reached 12-18 years(pink aluminum oxide). In the early stage of furnace opening, the damage of furnace bottom is mainly caused by the mechanical erosion and agitation of high temperature molten iron and slag, which infiltrates into the brick joints and pores, resulting in the deformation, cracking, warping or floating of masonry(glass beads manufacturers), and the corrosion rate is relatively fast.

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In the United States, there is a high jealousy, the production of six months, seven and a half furnace bottom brick is eroded 60% by molten iron(silicon carbide abrasive). When the bottom of the furnace is eroded to a certain depth, the mechanical erosion is weakened, material improvement and furnace bottom structure design(garnet abrasive price), and the working face of aluminum silicate brick forms a fusion layer under the action of external components.

Because of the infiltration of iron and other reasons, the thermal performance of the brick is reduced(black aluminum oxide), while the thermal conductivity is improved, the heat is easy to be lost, the solidification isotherm (1150 ℃) of the hot metal moves up, and the damage rate of the furnace bottom lining is slowed down(green silicon carbide). Therefore, many countries have done a lot of work in the aspects of lining damage mechanism, and made gratifying progress.

When the furnace bottom is built with all carbon bricks(brown fused alumina), due to the good thermal conductivity of carbon bricks, if the cooling system is normal, the temperature at the furnace bottom will soon reach equilibrium, and the corrosion rate will slow down accordingly. For the bottom of alumina silicate refractory brick, under the action of high temperature(glass bead abrasive), the carbon in molten iron reduces the SiO2 in the brick to silicon.

Chemical action(brown aluminum oxide). The chemical reaction formula is as follows: from the chemical analysis and physical examination of the residual lining, it can be seen that the SiO2 content in the brick decreases and Fe2O3 content increases; due to the effect of ferrosilicon, the surface forms a semi molten state, the brick seam disappears, the structure is dense(black silicon carbide), the porosity is less than 2%, and the volume density is more than 3.0 g / cm.

Once the fusion layer is stable, it can prevent molten iron from permeating and bottom brick floating(brown aluminium oxide), and can protect the normal production surface of the bottom of the furnace from damage. At the same time, alkali metal oxide can react with carbon brick to form embrittlement layer, the lower part of the holes extends to the shell side(steel shot abrasive); produce crack and reduce strength. Chemical erosion runs through the furnace life.

For the bottom of carbon brick(brown fused aluminum oxide), the main reason is that the molten iron is immersed into the micro pores in the rotary joint or its working layer, which causes the melting loss of carbon brick. Oxidizing gas comes from water leakage of cooling equipment or furnace shell, residual water of ash seam and gas collusion(arc fused alumina), and its main components are O2, CO2 and water vapor, which is absorbed by molten iron.

According to the investigation of the bottom of No.2 blast furnace in gaguchuangguang, Japan, the kneeling layer is mainly composed of zinc, potassium and molten iron, etc.(white aluminium oxide); according to the investigation of the disintegration of No. The characteristics of the holes are as follows: the holes extend in four directions in the form of tunnels or worms(fused alumina); the holes in the carbon brick present a large number of small mesh.

white aluminium oxide
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