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Continuous microwave sintering at 1400 ° C for 45min can obtain a grain size of 0.5um and a Vickers hardness of 2388kg / mm2(white aluminum oxide). The patent of Saint-Gobain Norton Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. proposes that the optimum range of specific surface area of seed powder is 100 ~ 200m2 / g, so there is no external energy With the support(white fused aluminum oxide), and the grain size of ceramic corundum abrasive obtained by sintering with this powder as seed crystal is small.

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However, the microwave sintering method cannot be used for the sintering of all ceramic materials(brown fused alumina price), because some ceramic materials are not suitable for microwave sintering, and the abrasive samples after microwave sintering are prone to yield bending and cracking. The temperature uniformity in the sintering process needs to be improved(brown fused aluminium oxide). The reaction mechanism of microwave sintered ceramic corundum abrasives needs to be further studied.

The performance indexes of microwave sintered ceramic corundum abrasives have not reached the optimal level of conventional methods(white alumina). The phase transformation process of the ceramic precursor synthesized by the wet process during the sintering process is: Hydrous alumina → Boehmite → y-Al203 → 6-Al203 → 0-Al203 → a-Al2O3(green carborundum). And the a-Al203 generated after the phase transition is a worm-like structure, there are many pores in the structure.

Currently, ceramic corundum abrasives that are stably produced commercially are mostly precursors synthesized by wet synthesis processes such as sol-gel method(black aluminum oxide), co-precipitation method, and hydrothermal method, and fine crystal structure corundum abrasives are obtained by calcination through different sintering systems(white aluminium oxide blasting media). Nordahl uses the number of seed crystals per unit volume to indicate the particle size and number of added seed crystals.

Boehmite is formed by the dehydration of alumina(white fused alumina). The dehydration of boehmite belongs to a local directional structure arrangement. It changes to -Al203, 104.10 with a large number of microporous structures at 450 ℃(silicon carbide companies). The temperature continues to increase, 6-Al2O3 → 0- The order of Al2O3 phase transition oriented structure is improved, and the pores in the structure are gradually reduced and gradually densified, there are continuous Holes, uneven structure.

The final phase of the phase transformation (transition of 0-Al2O3- + a-Al2O3) belongs to the phase transformation of lattice reconstruction(pink aluminum oxide). Since it involves the nucleation and growth of a-Al2O3, it requires a lot of energy, the temperature of this phase transition will be very high, usually above 1200 ℃ 1% .10n(white fused alumina price); while traditional atmospheric pressure sintering can only obtain a product of 1026kg / mm2 hardness under the same sintering conditions.

The temperature that makes a-Al2O3 material difficult to sinter and calcined and densified has been high, which has led to a worldwide research boom(white corundum). In 1984, Kumagai and Messingl first proposed that the addition of seed crystals can reduce the 0-Al2O3 → a-Al2O3 phase transition temperature(brown aluminum oxide grit). They found that the polycrystalline transformation of 8-Al203 to a-Al203 can be controlled by adding y-Al203 or a-Al2O3 as seed crystals.

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