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Silicon Carbide Abrasive Powder Wholesale Indonesia

Generally, the feeding particle size of ball mill shall not be greater than 65mm(arc fused alumina), the most suitable feeding particle size is less than 6mm, and the product particle size is between 1.5-0.075mm. Due to the long barrel of tube mill and the long residence time of the milled material in the barrel, very fine powder can be obtained, and the particle size of the product can be less than 0.07mm(brown aluminum oxide blast media), easy to replace and repair.

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According to the process and operation, it can be divided into dry grinding and wet grinding, indirect grinding and continuous grinding(fused alumina). Suitable for grinding all kinds of medium hardness materials with moisture content below 6%. Air flow mill is a new type of equipment which uses supersonic air flow to smash materials; the parts and components are small(brown fused alumina for grinding). It can be used to obtain fine powder with enough fineness (less than 5um).(silicon carbide abrasive powder wholesale indonesia)

In the case of more varieties and less quantity of products, this equipment should be used(white fused alumina oxide mfg). This equipment is easy to clean when refuelling, and the dry material with the product size of 0.044mm can be obtained. Vibration ball mill is a kind of ultra-fine grinding ball mill, which can be used for dry grinding or wet grinding, with good working effect(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). It is mainly used for grinding superfine powder for pure oxide products.

(silicon carbide abrasive powder wholesale indonesia)Its main advantages are strong adaptability, can grind all kinds of soft and hard materials, and can obtain extremely fine products(brown fused alumina): the grinding body has a large load, usually 70% - 85% of the volume of the grinding cylinder: less electric energy is consumed; the mill structure is simple and compact, with a small floor area(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). The screening equipment used in refractory plant includes vibrating screen, fixed screen, rotary screen, etc.

The utility model is composed of a nozzle with a high-strength wear-resistant lining, an air chamber, an air compressor system, a cyclone collector, a dust remover, etc(brown fused aluminum oxide). The multi-layer screening is to separate different powder grades, store them separately, and match them according to the grain grade requirements, so that the grain size composition of the blank is stable(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), which is conducive to improving and stabilizing the quality of products.(silicon carbide abrasive powder wholesale indonesia)

The equipment has the advantages of high cost, harsh service conditions and strict requirements for feeding granularity(white aluminium oxide). Therefore, the air mill can only be used in scientific research departments or production of high-grade refractory products. Screening is the process of passing the crushed materials through single or multi-layer screens and dividing them into different particle sizes(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The screening of materials is also the classification of materials.

(silicon carbide abrasive powder wholesale indonesia)In the production process, the grading of materials is the key(green silicon carbide), which is related to the quality of products, and grading must carry out the grading of materials, which is one of the purposes of screening. The single-layer screening process is simple with few auxiliary equipment, but the segregation of the powder in the storage bin is serious(white aluminum oxide 220 grit), resulting in a large fluctuation of the particle size of the bad material. 

The advantages of fixed screen are simple structure, firmness, easy operation and no need of power(black silicon carbide). Its disadvantages are small production capacity, low screening efficiency, easy to block screen surface, and large floor area. The combustion device is installed on the support, extends into the kiln in the form of cantilever from the kiln head, and the support is equipped with a burner adjusting mechanism(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit), which can adjust the position of the flame.

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