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The iron-storage main ditch has little damage to the bottom of the ditch because of the 300 ~ 500 mm hot metal layer(brown fused alumina); the non-iron-storage main ditch, the molten iron directly impacts the ditch bottom lining and is seriously damaged; the flat iron-storage main ditch The damage is somewhere in between(black silicon carbide), and purge clean; that is, the damage to the lining of the trench bottom and trench wall is almost the same.

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When the effective volume of the blast furnace is greater than 2009 meters, it is best to choose the replaceable: iron-type tapping ditch(brown aluminum oxide). Its advantage is that it can be repaired according to plan and improve the quality of the ditch lining without affecting the front operation of the furnace(arc fused alumina). The lining of the slag line and molten iron line of the blast furnace taphole is also damaged relatively quickly, especially when the proportion of slag-iron is high.

In addition, the depth, width and length of the iron ditch, as well as the slope and other factors have a greater impact on the life of the ditch lining, and should be selected reasonably(brown aluminium oxide). In addition, the three methods have in common that the iron ditch residues are not removed and can be fully utilized to reduce the consumption of refractory materials(fused alumina); spraying can be started, as we all know, add trench material and tapping.

It should be noted that according to the experience of blast furnace production in various countries(brown fused alumina price), when the blast furnace tapping structure is constructed by the above three methods, the steps are as follows: remove residual iron and residue, for example, support the tire mold and load, or install vibration Molding machine(black oxide aluminum). The blast furnace tapping repair is generally to remove the residual iron on the lining after tapping.

To this end, the hot spray repair method can be used to repair the trench lining so that it can reach a balanced damage to increase the service life(white alumina). For example, refractory spray paint for blast furnace tapping should generally use high aluminum-silicon carbide, A12O3-SiC-C and mullite-silicon carbide materials(glass beads supplier). The performance indexes in the table are measured after the actual spray complement cut sample is heated at 1450 ℃.

The structure of the hot blast stove is different, and the damage of the lining is also different(black aluminum oxide). Each time spraying is applied, the thickness of the spraying layer is 70 to 150 mm, the consumption of dark paint is 1.5 to 2.0 tons, and the time required is 2 to 3 hours(white fused alumina for refractory). In this way, not only the working environment in front of the blast furnace is improved, but also the thermal shock to the iron trench lining is reduced, and the service life is improved.

Therefore, each blast furnace generally needs to be equipped with 3 to 4 hot air furnaces, so that heating and air supply can alternate(pink aluminum oxide). Recently, countries have paid great attention to environmental protection. On the basis of the long life of the blast furnace tapping lining, a lining cover is installed and a dust suction device is equipped(aluminum oxide 40 grit). When the temperature is 400 ~ 900 ℃, or it can be carried out at normal temperature.

The top structure of the Cobb-type internal combustion hot blast stove can be divided into spherical top, mushroom top and cone etc.(green silicon carbide); a blast furnace in West Germany with a daily iron output of 4,000 tons, and the iron ditch lining is made of carbonized impact spray paint for multiple thermal sprays It can be used continuously for more than five weeks(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive), and the throughput of molten iron reaches about 150,000 tons.

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