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For example, 100, 120 and 200 ohms are used for medium base resistance, and 300, 400 and 600 ohms are used for large base resistance(brown fused alumina). The strain sensitive coefficient of the most widely used constantan alloy wire strain gauge is 1.9 ~ 2.1(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The error between the effective resistance and the rated value in the series is usually less than ± 0.5%, and the error of the strain sensitive coefficient is 2%. 

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In addition to the general type of strain gauge mentioned above(brown aluminum oxide), there are also special wire strain gauges, such as those for high temperature (below 900 ℃). In addition to the rectangular strain gauge, special-shaped strain gauge with special purpose is also produced(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). The output signal of this kind of strain resistor is very strong, so in many cases, no amplifier is needed in the measuring circuit.

Because the contact area between the metal sheet of the resistor and the measuring object is large(brown aluminium oxide), the heat dissipation rate of the resistor is much larger than that of the wire type, which increases the current flow through the resistor, thus improving the sensitivity of the strain measuring device(white aluminium oxide grit). The difference between it and conductor strain resistor is that it has small volume and high sensitivity.

The best sheet materials are gold silver alloy and copper nickel alloy with thickness less than 12 microns(brown fused alumina price). Most of the thin strain gages are made by photolithography of the constantan case with the thickness of 5-10-12-15 μ m and above. With the rapid development of semiconductor material manufacturing and application technology(white aluminum oxide crystals), the semiconductor strain resistor can be used in measuring circuit.

The continuous development of wire strain resistor is thin metal strain resistor(white alumina). There are polycrystal and monocrystal in semiconductor strain resistor. The resistance range of the resistor made of this material is 55-250 ohms. The strain gauge can be used in the laboratory or in the production condition at - 40 to + 70 ℃(brown aluminum oxide sand). This is one of the main reasons why sheet type strain resistor is better than wire type resistor.

Dislocation and silicon single crystal strain resistor e is the most widely used(black aluminum oxide). Haracrop silicon strain gauge e is made of P-1 silicon with a resistance coefficient of 2 ohm · m and n-type silicon with a resistance coefficient of 3 ohm · M. its resistance range is 100-400 ohm, and the strain sensitivity coefficient is 100-120 or higher(aluminium oxide material for blasting). Different from wire strain gauge, the grid of sheet strain gauge is not round, but rectangular.

The temperature coefficient of strain sensitivity of this kind of strain resistor is usually less than 0.25% / degree for p-type resistor and 0.7% / degree for n-type resistor(pink aluminum oxide). Familiar with rex4erop type strain resistor (it is a kind of n-type and p-type dendrimer strain resistor) and other types of semiconductor strain resistor(white aluminium oxide powder). The resistance of Ren crop type is 50 ~ 500 ohm, and its longitudinal strain sensitivity coefficient is less than 50.

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