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Report the "bus lifting" operation to the wrong control machine and make the corresponding indicator light on (the slot control machine enables the bus grab monitoring program)(silicon carbide grit wholesale). Operate the bus frame control box and open the clamping air valve, Confirm that each clamping arm tightly clamps the anode guide rod.

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In the process of lifting the bus, pay attention to observe whether there is an obvious change in the slot voltage (if the fine voltage rises more than 300mV, stop lifting the bus, check the cause and deal with it), and observe whether there is a corresponding change in the reading of the gyroscope(garnet abrasive). When the anode bus is lifted and the gyrometer reading is 50, stop lifting the bus(silicon carbide grit wholesale).

The length of the period is related to the anode consumption speed and the effective stroke of the bus(brown fused alumina), that is, for example, if the total stroke of a pre refined bus is 400mm (expressed by the reading of the gyroscope, one count represents 1mm), considering the upper and lower safety stroke (upper 50amm and lower 320mm)(garnet supply), the effective stroke is 270mmm and the anode consumption speed is 14.4mmd(silicon carbide grit wholesale).

Confirm the slot number of the bus to be lifted, and copy the same tachometer reading of each slot every day(garnet suppliers). Collect and extinguish the AE wooden rod, PTM carry out other operations or park it at the designated management point(silicon carbide grit wholesale). Confirm that all the slots that need to be lifted are finished(brown aluminum oxide grit), operate the PTM to lift the busbar frame to the upper limit, and lift the busbar frame to the designated management point.

If the tachometer reading is greater than 320(aluminum oxide manufacturers), operate the PTM to align the four support feet of the bus frame with the four supports on the upper part of the anode bus a end or B end of the electrolytic sleeve, slowly lower the bus frame so that each anode guide rod at the a end or B end is clamped, and slightly loosen the two round hooks of the PTM(silicon carbide grit wholesale), The weight of the whole frame is supported by the upper mechanism of the electrolytic cell.

The time from the occurrence of the effect to the extinction is called the duration of the anode effect, which is equal to the sum of the computer detection time, the effect processing time and the minimum extinction operation time(white fused alumina). A sliding wrench is installed on each side, and a diaphragm cylinder is installed on each fixture(silicon carbide grit wholesale). Confirm that each clamping arm of the bus frame is aligned and there is no dislocation.

Record the gyrometer reading before lifting the bus(brown aluminium oxide grains): press and hold the "bus lifting" key on the cotton controller (if there is no special "bus lifting" key, switch the plant controller to the "manual" state and use the anode lifting key) to make the anode bus rise continuously(silicon carbide grit wholesale). Anode effect is occurring or the anode is being replaced(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Or the electrolytic cell in aluminum production does not lift the bus.

Operate the rocker arm of the bus frame to lower the pneumatic finder, clamp the screw head of the small box fixture, loosen the small gold fixture, and check whether each fixture is loosened without pressure on the anode guide rod(silicon carbide grit wholesale). The diaphragm cylinder and the sliding wrench are connected with the high-pressure main air pipe on the frame, and the high-pressure air output by the crown block air compressor is used as the power(black aluminum oxide).

The bus bar should be reported to the slot controller(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), and the front and back gyroscope readings shall be reported after the operation is completed(silicon carbide grit wholesale). If there is an effect in the process of photographing the anode bus, stop lifting the bus immediately, immediately weave and insert the wooden rod at the aluminum outlet to extinguish the effect, and tighten the loosened small box fixture at the same time(brown aluminium oxide for refractory). 

Use chalk to draw a positioning line along the lower edge of the anode bus bar to confirm whether the anode is sliding down after lifting the bus bar(steel grid). If the effect occurs during the lifting, the operation should be stopped, and the manual blanking should be carried out immediately and extinguished as soon as possible to prevent damage to the equipment(silicon carbide grit wholesale). Lift the material pole bus after the special effect is extinguished.

Record the number of the lifted bus(white aluminium oxide grit), the gyroscope reading before lifting, the gyroscope reading after lifting, and other items that need to be recorded(silicon carbide grit wholesale). After finishing the work, report to relevant personnel. The quality control point of lifting the busbar is to tighten the anode clamp after the busbar is photographed(pink aluminum oxide). If the clamp is not tightened, the anode will decline afterwards, which will cause catastrophic deterioration.

Therefore, you must check the report or contact the computer before lifting, and you cannot perform operations during the duration of the effect(aluminium oxide grit manufacturers). Open the clamping cylinder valve switch on the control box, test whether each action switch is working normally, check whether each cylinder and each air duct on the frame have air leakage, and check whether the clamping arms of the frame are skewed and out of position(silicon carbide grit wholesale).

Write down the gyroscope reading when you stop lifting the anode bus(aluminum oxide sandblasting), operate the sowing arm of the bus frame to lower the wrench, jam the screw head of the small box clamp, and tighten the small box clamp: check whether each clamp is tight(silicon carbide grit wholesale). This requires the lifting bus operation group to regularly record the gyroscope readings of each tank every day, and arrange operations when the specified limit is reached(abrasive garnet sand).

The bus frame should be hoisted smoothly and accurately(brown fused alumina mesh size F12). Do not lift the hoist before loosening the clamp. The loosening of the clamp should be done at A.B. (two people operate at the same time) to avoid the deflection of the bus frame(aluminium oxide suppliers). Due to the different sizes of the tank chambers, the descent speed of the anode busbar is also different, and the cycle of each tank cannot be completely fixed(silicon carbide grit wholesale). 

Take good care of and remember the reading display of the crane metering scale (such as the electronic scale of the multi-function crane) and the suction volume of the fine(pink alumina grit), determine the reading of the crane scale after the suction is completed, open the compressed air valve, and open the aluminum liquid to be sucked out(silicon carbide grit wholesale). Therefore, it is necessary to check the tightening force of the pneumatic wrench frequently.

No other work shall be carried out during the bus bar beat, and no anode effect shall occur(white corundum sand). In order to detect the anode sliding in time, it is necessary to draw a line with colored chalk on the anode guide bar along the lower side of the fixture before lifting it, and then wipe off the first drawn line and restart it(sponge media abrasive blasting). Draw a line on the lower side of the fixture, and it will slide down after being lifted(silicon carbide grit wholesale). 

Operate the PTM to adjust the position of the busbar frame so that it is facing the four support brackets(garnet mesh 30 60), insert the pins, operate the PTM to lower the 2 flip hooks, and disconnect the structure from the busbar frame, and the PTM under the willow and the trachea of the busbar frame Joint, operate PTM to lift 2 auxiliary hooks to the upper limit position(silicon carbide grit wholesale). You can adjust the anode according to this line.

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