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Modified asphalt has been used more and more in the production of aluminum electrolytic pre melting anode(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). Coal tar. Coal tar is a byproduct of coking. It is a dark brown viscous liquid and a mixture of various hydrocarbons. The density is 1.17-1.19g/em, with the special smell of caihephenol(silicon carbide powder). At present, the quality of calcined coke produced by different calcining equipment is also different. 

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After proper treatment, they can be used as raw materials and collectively referred to as return materials(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). Coal pitch is used as a binder in the production of carbon anodes, and the determination of its use ratio is related to the following factors: It is related to the particle formula(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). Generally, the residual pole is used as a large particle material, and the dosage is generally controlled at about 20%. 

The main ones are: large oxidation burning loss of materials, which increases the consumption of materials(brown aluminum oxide); due to the rotation of the kiln body, the kiln lining materials wear and fall off, and the ash content of the calcined coke is increased(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). It is related to the surface properties of solid raw material particles(fine grit aluminum oxide). It is related to the properties of the binder itself, such as softening temperature and volatile content.

In order to reduce the softening temperature of asphalt, coal tar is usually used together with asphalt as asphalt diluent in the production of pre cultured anode(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). Generally, most of the coal tar pitch purchased by anode production enterprises is solid and needs to be melted before use(garnet sand). In the production of carbon anodes, petroleum coke, residual anode, and pitch all go through the process of crushing and screening.

The production process flow is shown in the figure(alumina abrasive powder). Only hard residual electrode is used in carbon anode production(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). Adding dense hard residue in anode ingredients can increase the bulk density of anode, reduce the air permeability, and improve the bending strength of anode(aluminum oxide blasting grit). In the production process of carbon anodes, a certain amount of waste products and production process leftovers are inevitably produced. 

However, through the residue cycle, the sodium content in the anode carried in the form of cryolite will have a harmful impact on the carboxylation reaction(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). It is very important to strengthen the cleaning of the residue and reduce the amount of sodium carried. Melting of coal tar pitch. Coal tar pitch is used as binder in anode production. The heating temperature does not exceed 220°C(white aluminium oxide). Crushing, screening and ingredients.

The purpose of raw material calcination is to remove the moisture in the raw material and reduce the moisture of the raw material to less than 0.3%(steel grid). The petroleum coke calcining equipment commonly used in anode production plants are tank calciner and rotary kiln. The calcination temperature affects the shrinkage of the anode sintering(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). The general firing temperature should be higher than the firing temperature.

The volatile matter in the raw material is eliminated, and the volatile matter is reduced from 9% - 15% to less than 0.5% after high temperature treatment(glass bead blasting media suppliers); Improve the density and mechanical strength of raw materials; Improve the conductivity of raw materials, and the powder resistivity is 600 μ Below Ω· m; Improve the oxidation resistance of raw materials(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The quality standards of coal tar are shown in the table(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada).

Its performance is directly related to the process conditions such as batching, kneading, forming and melting in the production process, and affects many quality indexes such as density, porosity, mechanical strength, conductivity and Oxidation Reactivity of the final product(black corundum), so as to affect the abnormal conditions of anode unit consumption, carbon slag, electrolyte conductivity and cell temperature in the aluminum electrolysis process(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada).

There are two adding methods: dry batching and wet batching(aluminium oxide blast media). Compared with the two, liquid asphalt has the advantages of low moisture content, less impurities, good wettability to aggregate, high quality and good stability(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). The selection of calcination equipment is determined according to the comprehensive conditions such as plant scale, raw material performance characteristics, energy supply and production process.

The purpose is to remove the moisture in the asphalt, improve the fluidity, reduce impurities and reduce the expansibility of the asphalt(corundum sand). The moisture of the melted coal tar pitch is required to be less than 0.3%. There are three heating methods for coal tar pitch melting: waste heat heating, steam heating and organic heat carrier (heat transfer oil, etc.), but steam heating is more used(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). Calcination of raw materials(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada).

What production process does the pre-cultured anode carbon block go through(aluminum oxide sandblasting media)? What are the functions and precautions of each process? The production process of the pre-melted anode carbon block includes raw material pre-crushing, petroleum coke calcination, crushing and grinding, screening and grading, batching, and bonding Pretreatment, mixing and kneading of agents, forming, firing and cleaning of pastes, etc(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada).

If the calcination temperature is too low(alumina abrasive), the petroleum coke will not shrink sufficiently, and its pyrolysis and polycondensation reaction will not be sufficient, causing the product to undergo secondary shrinkage during firing, which will easily cause deformation or cracking of the anode. However, its shortcomings are also obvious(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). The carbon anode is composed of materials with different particle sizes(pink aluminum oxide). Use of production returns.

The size, quantity, shape and surface area of various particles have a great influence on the production process and product performance of the carbon anode(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). To obtain products with high quality and stable performance, the combination of crushing, screening and particle size of raw materials is very important(100 grit aluminum oxide). Simultaneous firing process can be roughly divided into four stages: low temperature preheating stage.

The return material in the production also includes the electrolytic residual anode of the pre-cultivation tank, but because the residual electrolysis is immersed in the electrolyte component, the content of sodium is high, and it must be cleaned before it can be used(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). Determination of the amount of bonding agent(black silicon carbide). The drunk breaking operation is usually divided into three levels: coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing.

When there are more large particles and medium particles in the product particle size formula(aluminium oxide blasting), and when the particle size is larger and the fine powder is less, the amount of binder should be appropriately reduced. vice versa(silicon carbide powder manufacturers canada). Therefore, the calcination is carried out at 1200~2000℃. When the temperature is generally low, the kneading time should be appropriately extended(120 grit aluminum oxide); otherwise, the kneading time should be shortened. 

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