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More than 30 sets of HS Soderberg type electrolyzers in nadvoizi have been transformed into Kaiser k-93 type 60 Ka end feeding(emery abrasive), point feeding and six anode pre compensation cells. Russia is a big aluminum producer because of its abundant hydropower resources and low electricity price(alumina abrasive). During the period of Soviet Union, there were 14 electrolytic aluminum enterprises, mainly using Soderberg type electrolyzers.

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Alumina, asphalt, coke, cryolite and aluminum fluoride used in the process of aluminum electrolysis are mainly supplied by China, and only a small part is imported(synthetic corundum). At that time, as of 1990, it had more than 10 alumina enterprises with a production capacity of 5.6 million tons(garnet abrasive). The terminal power supply pre culture tank c-50, c-125, C-160, c-175m2, c-190 and edge power supply, side column bus pre culture tank c-255.(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers malaysia)

The raw materials for alumina production (diaspore, boehmite, nepheline and alunite) mainly come from six mines in CIS countries(silicon carbide abrasive), and the insufficient part is imported from western countries. According to statistics, the world's total aluminum production was 6800 tons in 1900, and the United States produced 2296 tons of metal aluminum(fused aluminum oxide).  In 1973, the production capacity exceeded 4 million tons, and the actual output reached 4.109 million tons.

(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers malaysia)There are two relatively large-scale electrolytic aluminum enterprises in the Soviet Union(aluminum oxide abrasive), namely, Bratsk aluminum plant and Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, with an annual output of 800000 tons. In Russia, most of the electrolytic cells are plug-in self compensating anode electrolyzers(glass bead blasting media suppliers), which have high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution. Russia had six different prebaked cell technologies.

At present(green silicon carbide), we have invested a lot of money to cooperate with Germany and other countries to transform the electrolytic cell technology, and build a series of 300kA large-scale premelted anode electrolyzers. At present, Russia's primary aluminum production ranks second in the world ranking, second only to China, accounting for 11.5% of the world's total output(garnet suppliers). Rusal is the largest electrolytic aluminum production enterprise in Russia.(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers malaysia)

In the 1960s and 1970s(aluminum oxide grit), the original aluminum production capacity in the United States exceeded 100000 tons in 1929, and the actual output reached 102000 tons; in 1953, the production capacity exceeded 1 million tons, and the actual output reached 1.136 million tons; in 1963, the production capacity exceeded 2 million tons(aluminium oxide abrasive grit); in 1969, the production capacity broke through 3 million tons, and the actual output reached 3.441 million tons.

(sponge media abrasive blasting manufacturers malaysia)Such a high growth rate is mainly due to the active national infrastructure construction(black silicon carbide). Rusal, as one of the global aluminum industry giants, uses 80% water and electricity for its electrolytic aluminum production. Since 2000, the average annual growth rate of its comprehensive aluminum production has exceeded 10%; and the actual output reached 2.098 million tonsespecially during the period from 2005 to 2007(steel grid), its growth rate was as high as 16%.

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