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If it is found that the quality requirements of feeding process are not met during the inspection(aluminum oxide grit), the process shall be improved and measures shall be taken to meet the quality requirements before production without thread.  The tapping temperature exceeds the upper limit of the regulation(pink aluminium oxide). The special documents for process inspection are formulated by the manufacturer.

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The pure boiling time of open hearth furnace and reduction time of electric furnace are not up to the regulations(aluminum oxide abrasive). According to the type of reading piece and specific production situation, the manufacturer is allowed to select some items for process inspection(black silicon carbide powder). The height of the steel key riser reaches 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the current height, and its delivery weight is delivered to the warehouse according to the weight of the first grade steel key.

(sponge media abrasive blasting suppliers philippines)The amount and speed of decarburization do not meet the regulations(garnet suppliers). The content of FeO and electrical protection in the final slag is not more than 50% of the regulation, the open hearth furnace is not more than 30% of the regulation, the sum of FeO and MnO in the final slag of off chain steel is not more than 50% of the regulation, and the alkalinity is not up to the regulation(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). There is no limit to the repair method of steel bar.

The copper key riser quotient reaches 1 / 2 ~ 3 / 4 of the specified height, and the shrinkage cavity is not entered into the copper body through the appearance inspection(black silicon carbide). The depth of one side of the bond surface is not more than 45mm, or the sum of two opposite sides of the same load is not more than 65mm, or the sum of the same surface is not more than 80mm(carborundum grit suppliers). The amount of throat increase exceeds the regulation.(sponge media abrasive blasting suppliers philippines)

The size, surface roughness and surface defects of the trim shall be inspected after the decoration is cleaned and leveled(garnet abrasive). For the castings which have been trial produced, finalized and transferred to batch production, the process inspection shall be conducted once every six months during continuous production(brown fused alumina for sale). When there are casting defects on the section of mechanical property sample, or the test operation is wrong, the test result is invalid.

(sponge media abrasive blasting suppliers philippines)In the pure boiling period of open hearth furnace and reduction period of electric furnace(silicon carbide abrasive), the slag protection slag is damaged due to equipment leakage, and the shutdown time is more than 0.5h without reoxidation. The baking and cleaning of liquid steel tank and tapping tank as well as the purging of electric protection roof did not meet the requirements of the regulations(brown fused alumina grit), and the steel tank was seriously gassed.

The whole mold, row type and floor laying are not up to the regulations(emery abrasive). The weight of the steel delivered to the warehouse shall be calculated according to the utilization part. The depth of steel key surface defects after cleaning shall not exceed 55mm on one side, or the sum of two relative positions on the same section shall not exceed 75mm(glass bead blasting media suppliers), or the sum of three places on the same section shall not exceed 90mm.(sponge media abrasive blasting suppliers philippines)

The chemical composition of casting liquid steel shall be accepted according to the standard, and the chemical composition of casting steel shall be accepted according to gb222-84(green silicon carbide). For the test of chemical composition analysis, take two from each tank. If the height of steel saturation is insufficient or the chemical composition exceeds the allowable deviation(silicon carbide abrasive powder), it can be used after being signed by the chief engineer's office.

(sponge media abrasive blasting suppliers philippines)Others shall be the same as those in the preceding paragraph(synthetic corundum). The first sample was sent to the laboratory to report the results, and the second sample was used for retest. If the analysis result of the first sample is unqualified, the second sample shall be retested(steel grid). Those who take samples according to the regulations shall consult with the steel-making inspection station and take samples at appropriate positions.

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