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Finally, the residual material produced by the processing of graphite zuibao stone products is the same as that of graphite(arc fused alumina), but the particle size and shape are different, and the processing technology is also different. The graphite powder is flake, while the graphite is spherical, which is much more expensive than graphite powder(alumina suppliers), which is conducive to the uniformity of cathode current poison distribution during olefin burning.

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According to the theory, if the particle size is too large, the resistance value is high(garnet abrasive price). The impulse voltage and firing voltage may be too high. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the generating of alarm by thermal shock. The disadvantage is that the internal resistance of refinishing is high during sintering(aluminum oxide suppliers), and the checking and tracing degree of the product should be fast when starting, otherwise it is easy to make or just lift the boss scattered.

(sponge media abrasive wholesale suppliers mexico)After filling the four grooves to find the plane, and the cathode convex surface is conductive well(silicon carbide companies), which results in poor conductivity uniformity, but it is conducive to the treatment after startup: after leveling the anode sleeve filled with graphite words with relatively small calibration(aluminum oxide manufacturers), the electric intensity value in the domestic tank will be reduced, and the resistance between the four grooves and the boss tends to be consistent.

The experimental summary on several sets of refined products shows that the stone sin instant filling material is suitable for officials and is beneficial to firing and firing(glass beads supplier). At present, the different integral cathodes have been used one after another during the overhaul and the starting methods are different(chrome alumina). The use of Spartan powder can make the temperature and current distribution of all positions even, which is the guarantee of quality.(sponge media abrasive wholesale suppliers mexico)

First of all, the labor intensity is relatively high, and some enterprises use ice stone or mixed stone fragments to fill the cathode, which has achieved initial success(silicon carbide price). However, compared with graphite filling technology, it is burnt. In the initial stage, the technology of gas-liquid Dieforging was applied(calcined alumina). Later, with the expansion of the application range of heteromorphic melt, new methods of fabrication have emerged and have been successful.

(sponge media abrasive wholesale suppliers mexico)The protection of convex white is poor(black oxide aluminum). The filler of the cathode lifting tank is determined, and the anti coking cathode leveling treatment is started. The specific micro method is that after the completion of the electrolytic foundation protection, the cathode surface shape is a, B two sides are uniform convex array, and the middle seam is a smooth four tools(abrasive grade aluminum oxide).  But the effect of hand melting, also have their own understanding.

Then, after Kao Cheng, he decided to use the stone powder with the particle size of 1-5mm as the filling material of four kinds of fine particles(green carborundum). In order to improve the current efficiency and reduce the paper gap, and reduce the power consumption of mother electrolysis production, this kind of production voltage is reduced to 3.75V(abrasive garnet sand), the resistance of the broken part of the four fine stones is large, and the DC power consumption per ton of lead is 12100kwh.

The graphite words after gauge drying are poured into the tank from the two sides a and B(fused alumina). the tools used include quick tools, aluminum ruler, etc., which are arranged by two personnel on AB side. The improvement of shunt can increase the steam separation rate, which can reduce the thermal impact on the slowing down(white aluminium oxide grains). Through these three points, we think that it is the guarantee to effectively avoid the early damage of the electrolytic cell.(sponge media abrasive wholesale suppliers mexico)

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