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Synthetic Corundum Wholesale Price In China

The preparation of batching calculation includes: arc fused alumina raw material test and analysis, determination of main material proportion, determination of auxiliary raw material and return material proportion, determination of synthetic corundum furnace material layout and batching list.

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In order to provide scientific basis for batching calculation, the alumina abrasive raw material must be subject to chemical analysis on a regular basis, and the sample of chemical analysis must be representative, so the sampling method is very important. The sampling point of raw material pile is shown in figure 2-5-1. The sample is from 200mm Take out at depth, 0.5kg/point. Therefore, the side and upper furnace charge contain more carbon than the brown fused aluminium oxide bottom.(synthetic corundum wholesale price in china)

The bin sampling can be taken out in the chute of the man bin, and the white fused alumina samples at each point (time) shall be taken at a certain interval for collection, and the fineness below 3mm shall be crushed, and the quartering method shall be adopted for reduction. The basis for determining the ratio is the total reaction formula for forming silicon carbide. The so-called pink alumina new material refers to the furnace material composed of silicon sand, coke and other raw materials.

(synthetic corundum wholesale price in china)The new 100 grit aluminum oxide white material ratio usually has three expressions: the ratio of silicon dioxide to carbon content in the new material, which is called the silicon carbon ratio: According to the reciprocal 1 of silicon carbon ratio, it is called carbon silicon ratio: the ratio m of carbon to carbon plus silicon dioxide in the new material is called modulus. The white fused alumina suppliers relationship between the three expressions is: the larger the silicon in the furnace material, the more the theoretical value is 1.667.

The larger the mouth and m, the more the carbon, the theoretical value is 0.6 and 0.375 respectively. Before the white aluminum oxide calculation of the burden, the ratio is selected according to the following principles: the gas silicide (s'02, SiO, SI) in the furnace is in the furnace Direction of flow.Gas silicide always flows in the direction of low temperature and good permeability. It usually flows from the black fused alumina bottom of furnace core and furnace core to the side, and from the side to the top.

brown fused alumina manufacturer needed for the reaction of hydrogen and silicon dioxide should be considered when adopting new material method. According to the experience, the average Si / C ratio y of the new material method should be increased by 0.03-0.05 compared with that of the baking black aluminium oxide material method. The smelting power and the size of the furnace core should be considered in the selection of the ratio.(synthetic corundum wholesale price in china)

The higher the brown aluminium oxide surface load of the furnace core is, the more graphite is decomposed, and the more silicon vapor is escaped, so more carbon should be added to the ratio. When the smelting time is much longer, the decomposition graphite increases and more carbon should be added. When the grain size of white fused alumina manufacturer is coarse, the loss of silica vapor is less, and silica sand can be less prepared. Table 2-5-2 lists the common range of Y, β, m used.(synthetic corundum wholesale price in china)

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