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Check whether the valve is closed, observe whether the shelling and blanking solenoid valves work normally, and switch the exhaust air volume valve to the high position (increase the exhaust air volume of the electrolytic cell)(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). Some factories use the function of automatic extinction effect of computer control system to control the duration of anode effect at about 40 seconds(abrasive blast media). 

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When reaching the aluminum outlet end, open the end cover plate, the bus-lifting cycle is 18 days, operate the aluminum outlet shelling air valve and open the error port(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). Check whether there is blockage and whether the anode is normal. During special automatic effect treatment, observe whether the lower section of the tank and shelling are normal(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). It is of great significance to extinguish the anode effect in time(brown aluminium oxide for refractory).

According to the above formula, and the weekly rest days can be considered according to this cycle, and the daily workload can be arranged according to the number of production slots in the series(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). If the effect is too long, it may burn out the side wall, burn through the shell, overheat the melt electrolyte, reduce the efficiency, and waste a lot of power(pink fused alumina suppliers). Scraping of carbon slag is an effective method to clean the electrolyte.

Therefore, it is generally necessary to control the duration of the effect and extinguish it in time(1200 grit aluminum oxide). After the automatic processing of special effects, the effect time shall last for about 3-4 minutes (at present, it is preferred to shorten this time as far as possible), and the extinction effect operation shall be carried out(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). Reducing the effect duration is of great significance to environmental protection(aluminum oxide suppliers).

Hold the effect rod and quickly insert it into the bottom of Al anode or BL anode from the opening at the aluminum outlet end to make the aluminum liquid and electrolyte rot and move, drive away the bubbles attached to the bottom palm of the anode and extinguish the anode effect(brown aluminum oxide 4 grit). During the effect period, the input power is several times of the normal, and the electrolysis process basically stops(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). 

The wooden stick shall be inserted at the end of the effect processing(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). To effectively control the duration of the effect(alumina suppliers), we should start from two aspects: first, the preparation before inserting the stick should be sufficient; Second, the time and method of inserting wooden sticks are appropriate(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Firstly, the emission of carbon chloride gas during the effect period is directly proportional to the effect duration. 

Preparation refers to taking the wooden stick in time, carefully checking whether the grid control machine is automatic and whether various valves are opened(brown fused alumina mesh size F14). During operation, use the crane hoist to lift the busbar hoist to support on the upper crossbeam of the planting. If it is found that the position is wrong, it shall be restored to normal immediately to ensure the smooth completion of effect feeding on time(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers).

When inserting the effect rod, it is necessary to prevent the electrolyte from splashing and scalding(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). Pay attention to observe and check the level and stability of the effect voltage through the computer(calcined alumina). The large-scale pre culture cell effect voltage is stable at 20 ~ 25V, which is regarded as normal operation(white corundum 180 mesh). Foreign countries can generally implement appropriate processing measures after having this information.

After the yang building effect is extinguished, attention should be paid to the change of the tank voltage, and manual adjustment if necessary(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). In case of abnormally high voltage (the voltage reaches 7V after extinguishing), confirm that the effect light is off, pull out the effect wooden rod, contact the computer, remotely view the slot voltage every 20 minutes, and push it up if it is lower than the set voltage(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers).

When inserted into other places, the electrolyte will be mixed(brown aluminium oxide grit), and the anode effect is difficult to extinguish or abnormal voltage will be generated(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). If the material is not added and the lead oxide concentration in the electrolyte is not restored, it is futile to insert the wooden stick and it is easy to cause an immortal effect(aluminium oxide powder). As the anode continues to be consumed, the position of the bus bar will continue to move down.

After the effect, it will be mixed into the electrolyte again if it is not removed, which increases the electrolyte resistance and affects the anode work(corundum sand). Pay attention to the carbon residue in the fin(sponge media abrasive)e. During the anode effect, the separation of carbon slag in the electrolyte is strengthened and all float on the surface(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). When the bus bar approaches the bottom cover plate in the upper structure, the bus bar must be lifted.

Because this information can reflect the operation state of the electrolytic cell(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). The computer detection and feeding program is generally 2 to 3 minutes, plus the extinguishing effect operation time, the effect duration is about 5 minutes, and strive to not exceed 8 minutes, if it exceeds, it will be regarded as the anode effect time is too long(alumina blasting). The anode guide rod is fixed on the anode bank of the electrolytic cell. 

Because the electrolytic cell has not been completely stabilized when the effect is gone, and the electrolyte is turbid(220 grit aluminum oxide), so the electric anode is high, but the cell voltage often drops quickly afterwards, and it is easy to drop to the abnormal voltage area where the cell controller stops automatic control (such as Lower than 38V), so that the voltage cannot be adjusted in time(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). The bus bar rises and the anode does not move(silicon carbide grit suppliers).

Right above the cotton(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). The high-pressure wind drives the diaphragm cylinder to move, driving the clamp iron to tighten the anode guide rod, so that the anode weight is changed to the clamp, the pull frame and the horizontal frame to support and fix the position(corundum abrasive). Important safety precautions are: during the extinguishing effect, it is not allowed to touch any part of the electrolytic cell body with bare hands.

The time between two operations is called the bus lift cycle(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). A special bus hoist (bus frame) is used to lift the bus, which is coordinated by a multi-function crane (PTM)(brown corundum abrasive). A number of clamps are installed on the bus frame, the plane position of which corresponds to the number of electrolytically planted anode guide rods, and they are arranged in two rows according to the position of the anode on the machine. 

Operate the sliding wrench on the hoist, loosen the anode clamp, use the friction between the bus bar and the guide rod to conduct electricity, and press the anode lifting button of the trough controller(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). The wooden rod shall be directly inserted under the palm of the anode bottom to drive away the stagnant gas layer at the anode bottom(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). Operate the PTM to move the busbar frame to the busbar to be picked up(garnet sand).

is to determine the bus duct to be shot, check the equipment (PTM. busbar frame) and tools (manual report, chalk, ruler) used, prepare 2 to 3 anode effect wooden rods to the front of the 1-pole busbar(silicon carbide grit). Use PTM's two remuneration hooks to hoist the frame and keep it in a horizontal position(white alumina oxide particles manufacturers). Test the two overhead crane auxiliary hooks to lift the busbar frame up and down, and then move it to the upper limit.

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