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Operate PTM to lower 2 hooks, make the head object live on the hanger of the frame, release the water in the compressed air pipe of PTM by-product, press it tightly with the hose sleeve on the frame, and open the switch of the air valve(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). One point measurement is a quick measurement, which is mainly used to understand the changes of technical conditions every day (rental place).

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Generally, if the exhaust air volume change-over valve is reset, clean the surface with a broom to keep the site clean(glass bead abrasive). Once a large amount of electrolyte is absorbed, report the chair number to the relevant personnel(abrasive blasting grit). Data-based and scientific operation and management mode(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). When the lead water is not sucked out after checking the above points, report to relevant personnel before deciding on the treatment method. 

After the three points of each tank are measured, the average value is calculated as the current measurement value, and then the weighted average of the last measurement value is obtained(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). Finally, the data is input into the computer(gma garnet): the computer calculates the amount of aluminum produced during the next measurement period according to the input data, and the button is produced. 

Multi-point measurement is used for technical condition management and determination of aluminum output (such as three-point measurement)(aluminum oxide powder): either temporarily used for comprehensive analysis of specific tank conditions or used as technical data for scientific research (such as six-point measurement)(garnet abrasive price). The measurement must be performed before the aluminum tapping(large blanking)(white alumina oxide powder suppliers).

Or even if the voltage is restored to the normal range manually(brown fused alumina 60 grit), the voltage will not be controlled according to the additional voltage after aluminum production, which will affect the heat balance control, or even incorrectly predict the anode effect and automatically predict the processing, which will affect the normal control of lead oxide concentration and may lead to a large amount of electrolyte precipitation(white alumina oxide powder suppliers).

Otherwise, the aluminum is applied slowly or even not(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). Therefore, electrolysts or on-site technicians are also responsible for the detection work(black silicon carbide). In the process of pole changing, connecting with the computer (or slot controller), fishing electrolyte blocks, and new pole installation accuracy (anode positioning) are key processes, which should be used as the quality control link of the whole process(brown fused alumina for abrasive). 

When the bus rises to the required position (the reading of the gyroscope is 50), stop, tighten the anode fixture(white aluminum oxide 220 grit), loosen the hoist fixture, lift out the frame by the crown block, and complete the bus lifting operation of one slot, each taking about 20 minutes(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). Use a shovel to shovel the crusts around the aluminum outlet, make the sharp edge level, clean the sowing edge board hygienic, and close the furnace door. 

If it is higher than this, it is the characteristic of cold cone, that is, insufficient heat input or excessive heat output(brown fused alumina). If it is lower than this, it is the characteristic of hot groove, that is, excessive heat input or too small heat output; Unstable voltage (large rise and fall) is regarded as irregular furnace inspection or defective anode stroke(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). Check whether the suction pipe is blocked(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). If there is any blockage, remove or replace it.

How to prepare for bag lifting affects the work efficiency(steel shot abrasive). The package lifting is fully prepared (all parts are sealed without air leakage), and the aluminum liquid is sucked out quickly. At the same time, it accumulates data for in-depth research or technical improvement of electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide 40 grit). Check whether the compressed air meets the requirements(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). If it fails to meet the requirements, contact relevant units for treatment.

Secondly, although the modern lead electrolysis process has a computer control system, due to the limited parameters that can be detected online(brown alumina abrasive), it also needs to be supplemented by a variety of manual routine measurements in order to fully grasp the operation status of electrolytic inspection and provide a basis for adjusting and improving production technical conditions and operation methods(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). 

In addition, except for a few routine measurements in aluminum electrolysis production that need to be detected by special institutions and special bead equipment, most of the measurement methods are simple and the operation is guided(black corundum). For extra-large capacity electrolyzers above 300kA, the number of measurement points for multi-point measurement can be increased due to the large area of the bottom of the tank(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). 

This chapter will mainly introduce the manual routine measurement commonly implemented in modern aluminum electrolysis plants and the development of new measurement methods of aluminum electrolysis parameters(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). Use a scale perpendicular to the inside of the groove edge plate(aluminium oxide suppliers). The height of the molten aluminum and the height of the electrolyte is one of the important technical conditions of the electrolytic cell.

Generally, the unit is read in 1cm, and the depth from the zero position of the measuring rod to the scale is recorded(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). The measurement is not only the need to determine the amount of aluminum, but also the need to grasp the technical conditions. It is very important to understand the operating status of the electrolytic cell, especially the heat balance state(pink corundum). So this work is also required by operators and managers every day(white alumina oxide powder suppliers).

Since the bottom of the electrolytic cell is generally deformed(white fused aluminum oxide refractory), and the interface between the molten aluminum and the electrolyte in the phase will also bend under the influence of the melting field, the more measuring points, the more it can reflect the true height of the molten aluminum and the electrolyte and the true condition of the bottom of the tank(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). Each shift performs the measurement work in this order.

Preheat tools that need to be preheated(silicon carbide abrasive); operate the exhaust air volume conversion valve (increase the air volume of the electrolytic cell), uncover the furnace cover at the measurement site, operate the cylinder control lever, and open the outlet hole (one point measurement)(white alumina grit). That is, aluminum is tapped according to the indicated amount(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). The weighted average is used as the measurement result of the tank.

In order to ensure the correctness of the aluminum output decision, many factories have stipulated the three-point measurement (five-point measurement for extra-large combs) used to determine the aluminum output as a routine operation(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). Check the measuring tools (the measuring porch with an inclination angle of 4, level, scale, aluminum target, crown block, charcoal slag, iron hungry, and notebook)(white aluminum oxide sand). 

With the improvement of the degree of production automation and the transformation of management concepts and methods(silicon carbide grit suppliers), modern aluminum electrolysis production has transformed from the past phase-expanded, empirical operation and management model to refinement(green silicon carbide). Then compare the result with the previous measurement(white alumina oxide powder suppliers). If there is a difference of more than 20mm, it needs to be measured again.

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