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White Alumina Powder Wholesale Suppliers USA

In order to ensure the normal progress of the aluminium oxide 36 grit grinding process, low-grade total loss system oil, the grinding debris adhering to the working surface of the grinding tool should be washed away in time to remove the heat generated during the grinding process. The selected grinding fluid should also have low viscosity and good wettability, volatile kerosene is used as the aluminum oxide sandblasting media grinding fluid. 

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Cleaning. Because the CBN grinding wheel has sharper abrasive particles and good self-sharpening of the grinding wheel, the glass bead blasting media suppliers grinding depth can be slightly larger than that of the diamond grinding wheel. Please refer to the data recommended by the diamond grinding wheel. But kerosene is flammable, pollutes the environment, black fused alumina has poor heat dissipation, and has an odor and irritates the skin. This reaction is called hydrolysis.

(white alumina powder wholesale suppliers usa)When using diamond abrasive tools to process hard alloys and steel-bonded hard alloys, white fused alumina grinding fluids such as kerosene with light mineral oil, gasoline, light diesel, and kerosene mixed oil should be used. You can also use water-soluble grinding fluids such as soda water (super hard abrasives not suitable for resin binders, chrome corundum turning, triethanolamine, sodium nitrite, and a mixed aqueous solution of polyethylene glycol.

Especially kerosene, light diesel oil and water-soluble grinding fluid have the best effect. Water is commonly used as a white aluminum oxide grinding fluid when grinding non-metallic materials. As a result, boric acid and gaseous ammonia are formed. As the temperature increases, the hydrolysis increases, which intensifies the pink fused alumina wear. The worse the thermal conductivity of the workpiece material, the higher the heat resistance of the grinding fluid is required.(white alumina powder wholesale suppliers usa)

Therefore, when white corundum using CBN abrasive tools, do not choose water-soluble grinding fluid, but choose light mineral oil-kerosene, light diesel oil to obtain good grinding results. If water-soluble grinding fluid must be used, extreme pressure additives should be added to reduce the hydrolysis effect. The strength of the fused aluminium oxide workpiece material is high, and the film formed by the grinding fluid on the workpiece surface should have high strength.

(white alumina powder wholesale suppliers usa)For example, when using CBN abrasives with electroplated metal bonding agents to grind holes, glass beads manufacturers using different grinding fluids, the life of CBN abrasives varies greatly. When using mineral oil, the service life of the grinding wheel is the highest. With water-soluble grinding fluid, the service life of the grinding wheel is lower than that of dry grinding. When selecting a grinding fluid, the properties of the corundum sand workpiece material should also be considered.

Sometimes in order to avoid the chemical wear of the workpiece material on the abrasive particles, other garnet abrasive price additives need to be added to the grinding fluid to suppress the chemical affinity and chemical wear between the abrasive and the workpiece material. In the grinding process of black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media tools. The grinding efficiency of the CBN grinding wheel is 8-20 times higher than that of the surfactant solution without hydrolysis.

It is not suitable for use in production. Alternatives to kerosene have yet to be resolved. Grinding fluids suitable for steel grid grinding wheel grinding need to be studied. The lack of applicable grinding fluid is a key technical problem that restricts the popularization and application of CBN abrasive tools. black aluminum oxide blast media grinding wheels can grind faster than diamond grinding wheels, so as to make full use of the cutting capacity of CBN grinding wheels.(white alumina powder wholesale suppliers usa)

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