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White Alumina Sand 36 Mesh Manufacturers China

When the structure of each part of the metal is known, the samples can be taken at different parts(green silicon carbide). When examining the causes of fatigue and damage in Jinyu, samples can be taken from cystic diseases and lesions or from normal parts nearby for comparison(emery abrasive). Penetrant damage is not limited by the magnetic properties of the tested materials. It can be used to inspect the surface opening defects of various solid materials.

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However, the operation is complicated, and the penetrant inspection is only used when the magnetic particle testing can not be applied(silicon carbide abrasive). If the sample is too small or it is necessary to change the microstructure of the sample edge, one of the following methods can be used to stabilize the sample. The specimen is anchored into the steel head or clamp by mechanical embedding method(synthetic corundum). The simple method of removing oil and rust can be applied.(white alumina sand 36 mesh manufacturers china)

If there are oil stains on the surface of the loaded sample, it can be broken by tetraargon or dissolved by benzene(white aluminum oxide). The rusty sample can be cleaned with ammonium persulfate or phosphoric acid. When Zhenxia steel plate is used, copper strip can be used to smell and separate the steel plate, so as to prevent the edge of the sample from being worn(brown fused alumina size sand). The sample must be cooled with water during swimming, so that the structure of the metal will not change due to heat.

(white alumina sand 36 mesh manufacturers china)When the wall thickness of the casting is not less than 20 mm(brown fused alumina price), the test block is cut from the casting, and the Brinell hardness value is measured on the nuclear section after the test block is cut off from the casting. The steel ball or cemented carbide ball with a certain diameter is pressed into the surface of the sample with the corresponding specific force(brown fused alumina 95%). No matter which method is used for sampling, attention should be paid to the temperature profile of the sample.

Conventional nondestructive testing methods include ultrasonic, X-ray, magnetic powder, penetration and electromagnetic (decontamination) methods(white corundum). However, the firing edge must be kept at a certain distance from the formal sample, and the hard and brittle metal can be sampled by hammering method(black silicon carbide). If necessary, water should be cooled to avoid the change of the structure of the formal sample due to overheating.(white alumina sand 36 mesh manufacturers china)

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is a method that uses the interaction of sound, light, heat, electricity(black corundum), magnetism and radiation with materials to detect the macro internal or surface defects of skirt materials, components or equipment, and determine their location, size, shape and type without damaging the performance of the structure being calibrated(aluminum oxide grit). The hands should be washed at the same time to avoid the coarse sand particles being carried onto the fine sandpaper.

(white alumina sand 36 mesh manufacturers china)After being grinded(white fused alumina), cleaned and dried by grinding wheel, the samples are then ground on the coarse to fine sandpaper. When grinding, the sandpaper is laid on the dry glass plate, flat metal plate or wood plate. The sample can be cut by hand, sawing machine or cutting machine, and gas cutting method can be used if necessary(white aluminum oxide fine powder). When using this method, it is necessary to make the specimen in close contact with the steel diagram or clamp.

From coarse sandpaper to fine sandpaper, each time the sandpaper is changed(pink corundum), the sample must be rotated 90 ° to form a vertical direction with the old grinding mark, and to a direction angle until the old grinding mark disappears and the new grinding mark is uniform. When feeding, the samples should be washed with water and dried for several times(aluminum oxide abrasive). The hardness of steel flap or clamp shall be close to that of dry sample.(white alumina sand 36 mesh manufacturers china)

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