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White Alumina Sand 36 Mesh Wholesale Suppliers USA

Ion exchange resin is an insoluble polymer(garnet abrasive). The backbone of the exchange resin has a network structure. It is quite stable to acid and alkali and general solvents, and has active groups that can exchange with cations or anions in solution. The water after the raw water is treated by anion exchange resin in the mixed bed is called pure water or deionized water(alumina polishing powder).  Therefore, many factories use this method to produce pure water.

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The modern ion exchange resin has cation exchange resin and anion exchange resin(brown fused aluminum oxide). In the manufacture of pure water, strong acid cation exchange resin (such as Japan sk18 resin, domestic 732 resin) and strong basic anion exchange resin (such as Japan pa418, China 717 resin) are usually used. They were soaked in pure water for 4 hours, and then soaked in 5% sodium hydroxide solution for 4 hours(carborundum powder). The mixture was properly stirred.

(white alumina sand 36 mesh wholesale suppliers usa)The equipment in front of the original water tank is called the pre-treatment device, and the equipment behind the original water tank is called the post-treatment device(green silicon carbide). The advantages of pure water preparation by distillation are simple operation, low cost and good effect (removing ionic and non-ionic impurities), which is suitable for laboratory use(garnet suppliers). High purity water should be stored in plexiglass, plastic or quartz containers.

It combines the advantages of the compound bed method and the mixed bed method(black corundum), then exhausts the hydrochloric acid solution and repeatedly washes it with pure water until pH = 3 ~ 4. Two weight anion exchange resins were placed in plastic containers and rinsed with water repeatedly until the water was clear and foam free(carborundum grit suppliers). Finally, the sodium hydroxide solution was drained and washed with pure water until pH=8~9.(white alumina sand 36 mesh wholesale suppliers usa)

Electrodialysis is that under the action of external electric field, the anion and cation exchange plastic membrane can selectively pass through the anion and cation in water or other solutions(aluminum oxide grit). This method occupies less land, has high flow rate, and can be operated intermittently. Combined method: it is composed of cation resin single bed + anion resin single bed + cation anion resin mixed bed(white aluminium oxide powder). The water after pretreatment is called raw water.

(white alumina sand 36 mesh wholesale suppliers usa)After sand filtration and activated carbon filtration, it is called raw water(pink corundum). The results show that the purity of the water is high, the quality is stable, the resistivity is 10 ~ 15mn · cm, the pH is 7, the silicon content in the water is less than 0.01mg/l, and the metal impurity content is below 0.001mg/l. The so-called pretreatment refers to the treatment process of removing micro suspended matter and organic matter in tap water(green silicon carbide powder). This method is more scientific.

At present, pure water for electrolytic capacitor production refers to the deionized water prepared by ion exchange method(black silicon carbide). This section mainly introduces the principle of pure water preparation by this method. The raw water enters into the ion exchanger, which can improve the service time of ion exchange resin and the quality of pure water(white aluminum oxide grit). Secondary water and tertiary water are obtained by secondary and tertiary distillation.(white alumina sand 36 mesh wholesale suppliers usa)

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