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White Aluminium Oxide Blasting Media Manufacturers China

At the same time, many countries have also carried out research and transformation on the internal combustion hot blast furnace(pink aluminum oxide), among which the transformation design of hogovin company in the Netherlands is more successful, which can make the hot blast reach about 1200 ℃. This type of roof structure has long service life and complex structure(white aluminium oxide 180/220). Generally speaking, the shrinkage of the mortar joint is large.

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The ball top temperature can reach 1500 ℃, and the hot air temperature is about 1200 ℃(silicon carbide price). The hot blast stove is called lingovin type internal combustion hot blast stove. In recent years, the Soviet Union has conducted extensive research on the shape and heat transfer efficiency of lattice brick, expansion joints should be reserved during masonry(brown aluminium oxide grit), emphasizing the use of large porous (12 or 27 holes, 25 or 30 mm hole diameter) lattice brick.

Its main technical measures are to change metal burner into ceramic burner(green carborundum), which can reasonably organize combustion. In order to maintain the stability of partition wall structure, prevent cracks, "short circuit" and dumping, so that both vertical and horizontal directions can move freely(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Therefore, each park is studying the hot blast stove without furnace body structure, that is, the top combustion type hot blast stove.

At the same time, light bricks are built in the middle of the partition wall(white fused alumina), and heat-resistant steel plates are placed on the low-temperature side, which can reduce the temperature gradient of the masonry, and prevent the occurrence of the short circuit accident(silicon carbide companies); mushroom shaped arch is adopted on the top of the furnace, which is located on the box ring beam, and there is a moving joint between the furnace and the wall.

Since the appearance of ceramic burners in the early 1960s(white aluminum oxide), the air and gas channels have generally been built with high aluminum bricks and 1-brick, and the part with radiation holes has been built with mullite bricks or mullite I corundum bricks. This simplifies the brick type of furnace top and builds into a series of vaults(arc fused alumina), with better heat exchange effect and long service life, which is an important direction for future development.

After four years of production, the partition wall is not bent, cracked or leaked(white corundum), and other furnace linings are in good condition. Medical hot air is widely used in Dutch blast furnaces, and 13 blast furnaces have been set up in the United States, Britain, Australia, Mexico and Canada(fused alumina), which meet the requirements of high blast temperature for blast furnace operation, improve combustion temperature and reduce pulsation.

Similar to the Dutch design scheme, the internal combustion hot blast stove for blast furnace in our country has high temperature and long service life(brown fused alumina price), which saves about 30% investment compared with the newly built external combustion hot blast stove. The high temperature zone of the furnace is built with silica brick, reduce the damage of the thermal stress(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit), and the surrounding of the burner is poured with thistle castable.

The external combustion type hot blast stove and the hogovin type internal combustion type hot blast stove can provide high temperature hot blast(black aluminum oxide), but the former occupies a lot of land, has a large investment, and the masonry life at the furnace top node is relatively low, while the latter has a complex partition wall structure and uneven air distribution(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). Recently, further improving the air temperature is limited, and achieved good results.

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