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Oxidation resistance refers to the ability of carbon-containing refractories to resist oxidation in a high-temperature oxidizing atmosphere(brown aluminum oxide sand). The excellent slag resistance and thermal shock resistance of carbon-containing refractories make it more and more widely used in the metallurgical industry(white fused alumina make company). Chinese Standard (GB / T13244-1991) stipulates the test method for the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractories.

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The sample is a cube with a side length of 50 mm or a cylinder with a diameter and a height of 50 mm(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). The expression method of the acid-resistant and fire-resistant brand number is to use the weightless group number and the letter representing the level. The entire box is placed in a heating furnace, heated to 995 ° C, and kept for 5 hours. After cooling, the sample is taken out to observe whether there is cracking or disintegration(white aluminum oxide sand). Incubate at this temperature for 5h.

However, carbon is easily oxidized at high temperatures, which is an important reason for damage to carbon-containing refractory materials(white fused alumina). To improve the oxidation resistance of carbon-containing refractories, select carbon materials with strong oxidation resistance; improve the structural characteristics of products, enhance the density of products, and reduce porosity; use trace additives such as Si, Al, Mg, Zr, SiC , BC, etc(white aluminium oxide grit). After cooling to room temperature, weigh the oxidized mass.

The air is flowed into the furnace at a flow rate of 4L / min(white aluminum oxide). For carbon-containing refractories containing oxidation inhibitors, place the sample in the furnace, heat it to the test temperature at the prescribed heating rate in an oxidizing atmosphere, and maintain it at this temperature for a certain period of time(white aluminum oxide crystals). After cooling to room temperature, cut in half To measure the thickness of its decarburized layer, After ventilating for a certain period of time, check the sample once.

If half of the samples in a group of samples show complete disintegration at the end of any period, the group of tests is ended(white corundum). After the sample reaches the test temperature, pass CO gas to change the atmosphere in the heating chamber so that it contains at least 95% CO. Heating rate from room temperature to 1000 ℃ is 8 ~ 10 ℃ / min, from 1000 ~ 1400 ℃ is 4 ~ 5C / min(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Surface bursting, that is, the damage caused flaking or surface bursting with a diameter not greater than 13mm. 

The holding time is 2h(brown fused alumina price). For the carbon-containing refractories without oxidation inhibitors, the cubic sample with a side length of 50mm is first carbonized, the residual carbon content is measured, the mass after carbonization is weighed, and then placed in the furnace, in an oxidizing atmosphere at The temperature is increased to 1000 ° C at a rate of ℃ / min(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). It can be divided into the following four categories: unaffected, that is, there are no grains and cracks. 

Heat a heating chamber with a diameter of 460mm and a length of 914mm containing a dry sample to 495 ~ 505C under a nitrogen atmosphere(aluminium oxide material for blasting). Before each inspection, use a high-speed nitrogen flow through the heating house to completely flush out CO, and maintain a low-speed nitrogen flow during cooling(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). Use a sample of 228mm in length and 65mm × 65mm or 76mm × 76mm in cross-section as a group, cut from 10 products respectively, and try to keep the original brick surface.

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