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White Aluminium Oxide Blasting Media Suppliers UK

The external refining is usually carried out under one or several conditions(green carborundum), such as high temperature, vacuum, flooding, strong stirring or electric arc heating, etc. the copper converter in the Soviet Union is built with square lock stone brick, with a service life of 252 times(white fused alumina abrasives); the damage to the refractory of the equipment lining is very serious, and the consumption of refractory is very large, which directly affects the cost of steel.

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The lining body of the refining equipment outside the furnace is generally built with direct combination or re combination of basic bricks(brown fused aluminum oxide), and the pre reaction direct combination of basic bricks is used in the slag line or hot spot lining wall; and the material reaction is violent. The main varieties are(glass beads manufacturers): direct combination of magnesia bricks fired at ultra-high temperature, direct combination of magnesia chrome bricks and re combination of magnesia chrome bricks, etc.

In the lower part of the reaction tower, the heat is relatively concentrated, the temperature can reach 1400-1500 ℃(black aluminum oxide), the service life of the upper part of the vacuum chamber of DH process steel holding is 3000-4000 times, the service life of the lower part is 1000-2000 times, and the service life of the insert pipe lining is generally 40-100 times(white corundum price). In the liquid line of the separation tank, the temperature is high and the leaching is serious.

In recent years, the use of magnesia carbon brick and magnesia dolomite brick made by impregnation has also achieved good results in the refining equipment outside the furnace(white fused alumina). At present, this kind of brick has been used to replace the direct combination of alkaline brick in Europe and the original(garnet abrasive price). At present, Japan and other countries widely use refractory ramming materials and refractory castables to build the lining of steel drums.

The service life is generally 30-60 times, and the highest is more than 100 times, even more than 200 times(pink aluminum oxide). The use of refractory fiber products in soaking pits and reheating furnaces is still in the trial stage. The lining of the steel bucket is mainly constructed by semi silica brick, clay brick, high aluminum brick and alkaline brick(brown alumina abrasive). At home and abroad, steel barrel lining, the development of refining technology outside the furnace is very fast.

The service life of the linings of the main refining equipment outside the furnace is as follows(white aluminum oxide): the average service life of the lining in the lower part of the vacuum chamber of RH process steel holding is about 400 times, the maximum service life is 800 times, and the service life of the vacuum nozzle is 20-80 times(glass bead abrasive); Generally, these furnaces are built by sticking bricks, high alumina bricks or silica bricks, with a service life of 1-3 years.

The molten steel throttling device generally adopts sliding nozzle(silicon carbide price): the upper shuikouling is made of high aluminum, corundum, quartz or aluminum carbon, with a service life of more than 15 times; the AOD refining furnace lining has a service life of 100-300 times, and the unit consumption of refractories is about 10 kg / electrical steel(white fused aluminum oxide refractory); the asea-skf ladle lining has a service life of 20-50 times, and the gas gun lining has a service life of 1-4 times.

The refractory materials for mold casting mainly include injection, stopper system or sliding nozzle, etc(aluminium oxide blasting media). Before that, the sliding nozzle device has gradually replaced the stopper system, and the casting is safe and reliable. A set of sliding plate can be used for 2-5 times, up to 7 times, which can speed up the turnover of the steel bucket and save a lot of refractory materials(steel shot abrasive).  There are more than 20 or 30 methods and more than 500 equipment.

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