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White Aluminium Oxide Grains Manufacturers China

Anti corrosion ink screen printing must be dry thoroughly, otherwise the ink in the processing process is easy to fall off(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Poor ink adhesion is a non-compliance fault, which can only be found after etching, oxidation and other processing. Once such problems are found, the processed parts will not be able to remedy(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). Therefore, attention must be paid to the quality control of each process before silk screen printing.

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After the water film is dried(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media), there is still a small amount of photosensitive adhesive attached to the screen graphics and text (this phenomenon is called residual glue), which is mixed with dust and adhered to the screen when coating or pasting the photosensitive emulsion. Silk screen printing version of dust and other foreign matter will also block the mesh and appear pinholes or white spots(white aluminium oxide 180/220). In fact, there will be pinholes when wiping alcohol.

(white aluminium oxide grains manufacturers china)Most of this happens during plate making and development(brown aluminum oxide factory). The drying conditions can be determined by experiments according to the parameters provided by the oil storm. The dust in the residual glue and emulsion will hinder the passing of the ink, and pinholes or white spots (large pinholes are white spots) appear in screen printing(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). Screen slanting can effectively prevent the deterioration of graphic lines and ink penetration.

Anti corrosion ink should pay attention to the shelf life, beyond the shelf life of the oiler should not be used(wilson abrasive). Before printing, you can use paper with good ink absorption performance, try printing sheet, foreign matter will be adsorbed on the paper by ink, so that the layout is clean(brown aluminium oxide grit). After the treatment of aluminum parts, there are cleaning or sealing residues on its surface to form a very thin film, which causes ink not to infiltrate, resulting in pinholes.(white aluminium oxide grains manufacturers china)

One method that is often used is to wipe the surface of the parts with alcohol before silk screen printing to remove the grease and dirt on the surface of the parts and remove the dust(brown fused alumina price), so as to improve the quality of silk screen printing. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the following measures can be taken: when the line arrangement direction is consistent with the scraping direction of the sub board(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), it is not easy to have ink penetration.

The reason that thin film of oil will not be removed completely is that the oil film is not removed completely(black corundum). This film is not pro ink, so pinholes. At the same time, the container used is mixed with oil drops, which is dissolved by alcohol, and the phenomenon of rejecting ink will also occur(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). When wiping with alcohol in bare hands, the grease on the hands will also dissolve into fine wine and attach to the surface of parts to form pinholes.

(white aluminium oxide grains manufacturers china)Serious even will directly affect the screen printing ink and surface adhesion of parts, and the phenomenon of ink shedding(pink corundum). The bubble in the ink is the main cause of foaming. When mixing ink, it is easy to mix bubbles, low viscosity ink will disappear after a period of time, but high viscosity ink is difficult to disappear(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). Some of these bubbles will disappear when screen printing, and some bubbles will wrap in the ink to form bubbles.

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