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Because of the supercooling of composition(brown fused alumina price), the change of temperature gradient and the direction of heat flow in the front of solidification, some protuberances on the growing products become unstable and lead to graphite branching. When the graphite crystal grows to contact with austenite dendrite, it will bend and bifurcate(white fused alumina micro powder). The primary austenite in the melt can also block the growth of graphite crystals.

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The isolated single cluster eutectic groups finally contact with each other, making the eutectic clusters fill the whole solidification structure of cast iron(black corundum). Due to the branching, bending and bifurcating of graphite crystals in the growth process, the resulting gray cast iron eutectic clusters have irregular flake graphite(aluminium oxide abrasive powder). The eutectic austenite coexists with the branched graphite. This kind of eutectic grain is the eutectic group of gray cast iron.

(white aluminium oxide grains producers south korea)Shrinkage porosity is difficult to be fully filled, which may lead to leakage of castings under pressure(pink corundum). At this time, the growth direction of graphite crystal will change. This can be seen in castings with uneven thickness. It is possible for austenite and graphite to grow together in the symbiotic zone, and change the direction of the crystal(white aluminum oxide dental). However, the number of eutectic groups has some influence on the casting properties of cast iron.

Generally, the number of eutectic groups in gray cast iron is about 100-1000 / em(pink alumina). The tensile strength and bending strength of gray cast iron increase with the increase of eutectic group number, and the tendency of white cast iron is reduced. In order to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, it is beneficial to increase the number of eutectic groups(aluminum oxide 80-90 grit). Each eutectic group contains only one graphite crystal core.(white aluminium oxide grains producers south korea)

The more the number of eutectic clusters, the more leakage channels(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). Therefore, it is not suitable to increase the number of eutectic clusters in cast iron castings with anti leakage requirements. The number of eutectic clusters should be controlled according to the technical requirements of castings(alumina blasting). It can be seen that primary austenite appears in the solidification structure of eutectic, hypoeutectic and hypereutectic Fe-C alloy.

(white aluminium oxide grains producers south korea)In the process of Eutectic Transformation of stable system(low soda alumina), the basic factors affecting the number of eutectic clusters are the number of crystal cores in molten iron, the growth rate of eutectic clusters and the volume fraction of primary austenite. During this process(80 grit aluminum oxide for cerakote), austenite dendrite existing in liquid phase and new dendrite in front of the interface due to supercooling of composition may be encountered.

These factors are also affected by the type of furnace charge, chemical composition of molten iron(240 grit aluminum oxide), inoculation process and inoculant used, cooling rate of casting, overheat temperature of molten iron and holding time of high temperature(brown fused aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). It can be said that the number of eutectic clusters can be increased by increasing the number of graphite nuclei and accelerating the growth rate of eutectic.

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