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After a short time of boronizing and aluminizing, the Fe2B phase is formed first, and boron diffuses into the metal continuously, so a continuous layer of boride is formed on the surface(brown aluminium oxide grit). The active [B] and [A] atoms are first adsorbed on the surface of the sample and other defects. At the same time, due to the high solubility of Al, [A] atoms do not form nuclei and continue to diffuse inward(brown fused alumina micropowder). The carbon element is enriched near the interface.

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As the surface boron concentration continues to increase, the FeB phase begins to nucleate and grow, so the second type of boride FeB appears(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). With time, the decomposition of the penetrating agent slows down and the boron potential is insufficient, and the Fe2B phase will appear again(aluminum oxide blasting). In order to make the permeable layer compact and the dense content cannot be reduced, B3 is selected as the best content of borax.(white aluminium oxide grains wholesale suppliers usa)

Therefore, the activity of [B] and [A] atoms and their adsorption and diffusion on the surface of the substrate control the nature and morphology of the layered phase(white aluminium oxide 180/220). In a-Fe, the solid solubility of Al is greater than that of B, and the diffusion coefficient of Al is less than that of B(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). The nature and morphology of the formation phase of the percolation layer are related to the diffusion characteristics of [B] and [A] atoms in the matrix and their mutual influence.

(white aluminium oxide grains wholesale suppliers usa)[B] atoms diffuse into the matrix along grain boundaries, dislocations, etc. and grow up(pink corundum). The phase composition analysis affects the primary and secondary CDBA, and the activator and filler 1 are the main factors affecting the phase composition of the permeable layer(silicon carbide grit suppliers). In the case of ensuring single-phase (Fe2B), the content of activator and filler 1 should be appropriately higher, so C3 is selected as the activator and D3 is the optimal content of filler 1.

As the boron compound crystal nucleus grows further(white fused alumina), the aluminum compound is surrounded by the boron compound, resulting in the formation of superlattice FeyAl and FeAl phases along the boride interface or the a-Fe interface containing [B], or even the formation of Fe Al Or FeaAls, which is distributed in needle strips or small grains(brown alumina abrasive), and diffusion along grain boundaries is the main diffusion method of aluminum atoms.(white aluminium oxide grains wholesale suppliers usa)

In the subsequent process of crystal nucleus growth, the size of the aluminum compound and the concentration of [A] atoms do not change much(white aluminum oxide). This is because carbon does not dissolve in the boride layer. The carbon escapes from the boride layer and is squeezed into the metal matrix(aluminum oxide sandblasting). Whether the appropriate temperature value can be selected is very important to obtain a good permeation layer structure and thickness.

(white aluminium oxide grains wholesale suppliers usa)A redistribution zone of carbon is formed under the boride layer, that is, the carbon-rich zone(brown fused alumina price). The mechanism of boron-aluminum co-infiltration is that the Fe2B phase is formed first during the infiltration process. As the surface boron concentration continues to increase, the FeB phase begins to nucleate(white corundum price). The solid solubility of B is small, and the diffusion coefficient is larger than that of Al, and Fe2B crystal nuclei are formed preferentially.

Therefore, the influence of heating temperature and holding time on the structure and thickness of the infiltrated layer is analyzed, and the best process parameters are finally determined(black corundum). The heating temperature is one of the main parameters of the permeation plating process(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). The ointment formula designed in the experiment has a self-protection function, which can form a protective layer to isolate the air on the surface of the ointment when heated in air.

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