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In summary, the characteristics of modern industrial refractory materials for furnace separation are advanced, diversified and indefinite(white fused alumina). According to the different types of kilns and different parts of use, the varieties of refractory materials are reasonably selected, and the comprehensive lining is built to achieve Balanced erosion(white aluminium oxide grit), extend the life of the lining, increase productivity, and reduce product costs, generally only 5 to 6 years.

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Prior to 1976, high-temperature firing was mainly used to directly combine magnesia-chrome bricks, and after 1976, magnesia-aluminum pointed bricks were used(white aluminum oxide). At the same time, it is also necessary to improve the kiln design, improve the construction quality, strictly process the operation system, and strengthen the production management(white aluminum oxide crystals). THowever, the working conditions of the blast furnace lining have deteriorated accordingly, and its service life has been reduced more.

With the development of the ironmaking industry, the blast furnace is becoming larger and larger(white corundum), the effective volume has been increased from nearly 1500 meters to 5000 meters, and the daily iron production has reached or exceeded 10,000 tons. At the same time, new technologies such as high-pressure furnace top(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media), high air temperature, comprehensive injection and electronic computer control are adopted to continuously strengthen the practice.

hese substances penetrate into the lining of the furnace(brown fused alumina price), especially the carbon is deposited indefinitely, which leads to the brittleness and crack propagation of the refractory brick structure, causing the cracking and flaking of the high young furnace pond, or causing the masonry to swell and be damaged. The average life of the blast furnaces of the American company is about 4.5 years(black silicon carbide); generally 6-8 years, the blast furnace age of West Germany is about 6 years.

Experiments show that in order to improve the age of the blast furnace, countries have done a lot of work(black aluminum oxide), mainly to carry out blast furnace disintegration investigations, to investigate the damage mechanism of the lining, to improve the quality of bricks and to create new varieties, to build a comprehensive lining(aluminum oxide abrasive), and to improve the cooling system of the furnace: Strengthen maintenance operations and use unshaped refractory materials, crossing, and various gases.

The most severely eroded parts are the lining of the furnace belly, waist and lower part of the furnace body(pink aluminum oxide). Due to the introduction of the above-mentioned operation measures, the service life of large and medium-sized blast furnace juice has been generally improved a few days ago, and the longest life of large blast furnaces in Japan and the Soviet Union has reached about 10 years(aluminum oxide grit). The blast furnace smelting process is carried out continuously at high temperature. 

Premature damage of these parts will lead to large and medium repair of the blast furnace(silicon carbide abrasive). After the charge is put into the blast furnace, it undergoes complex physical and chemical changes such as reduction, softening, combustion, melting, and slag-iron separation after passing through different temperature zones, resulting in drinking(synthetic corundum). The effects of temperature, gas composition, charge and concentrated iron are different in the whole blast furnace height direction.

Therefore, the working conditions of the refractory materials used in the furnace are harsh, the damage mechanism varies with different parts, and the materials used also change accordingly(green silicon carbide). There are many reasons for the destruction of refractory materials such as furnace walls, mainly mechanical wear, carbon deposition, alkali metal erosion and lead-zinc penetration, slag iron erosion and thermal stress(emery abrasive). The amount of high-alumina bricks used did not change much.

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